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Chapter 64: Camping


It was a beautiful summer day in a popular camping site in New Heaven. The weather was sunny, yet the summer breeze was refreshing and not that humid.


Gigantic trees clustered in the campsite. Green grass blanketing the earth. Crystal clear river and lake that glittered under the warm rays. A waterfall not too far in the north while cliffs, magnificent for star viewing, surrounded the place.


Since it was summer, there were quite a lot of people marking their territory. Most were families and couples enjoying the summer heat.


After we bought little Pluffys things, we made our way here.

Cain led me to a spot that was not too far from the lake and waterfall, huddled by trees and grasses. It even had its fishing spot with a small wharf and boat. The area was meters away from the other campers, and I think it was the best spot. If I didnt know any better, it seemed like Cain already had his men reserved the place for us.


Like always, people were throwing glances at us, especially at the aloof man beside me. Men, women, children, even the older ones alike couldnt resist his allure.


This guy is a walking aphrodisiac!


Unconsciously, I tightened my grip on his hand.


Cain unleashed little Pluffy, and the piglet ran all the way to the river.


Hey! I yelled in an attempt to stop him. I was worried he might drown. But my worry was for naught as the little furball skid to a stop before he reached the water. He wet his paws and toddled back on land and wet his paws again and again. I think the little piglet was enjoying his curiosity with the crystal clear water.


After making sure that he wouldnt go into deeper parts of the river, I help Cain set up the grills.


Dont worry. He knows how to swim,” Cain assured me. He must have noticed my frequent shots of worried glances at Little Pluffys direction.


I didnt respond and grabbed the fishing rod instead after we set the grills, table, and chairs.


Cain, teach me how to fish. I want to fish,” I said with a more than cutesy voice that made even me cringe.


Cain didnt mind my cringe attempt of being cute as he patted my head before grabbing a bucket and led me towards the wharf. Near the edge of the wooden pier, there were already buckets of live baits for the fish.


Cain showed me how to insert the bait and how to cast the rod. But before I could cast my rod, he threw baits into the lake first.


It will attract the fish.” He smiled when I shot him a questioning look.


I shrugged and cast my rod into the lake.


. . .


. . .


After several minutes, the bobber shook and jumped before it submerged into the water.


Oh my god! Cain! Cain! Its baiting! Its baiting! What should I do?! What should I do?!


I didnt know what I was saying. I was drowning in excitement and adrenaline that I almost lost my balance and fell into the water when the line was tugged in the opposite direction.




Cain swiftly circled his hand on my waist and steadied me.


Extract the fish in by tapping and raising the rod vertically while simultaneously reeling it in,” he instructed as his hand guided my hands.


I was too caught up with the fish to notice his hot breath on my ear and that he couldnt resist giving my lobe a quick bite.


I gathered my willpower and fought with the fish, emerging victorious. I proudly showed him the fish as he took pictures of me.


Ehehehe, look at the size of this thing! I said with a smug grin.


It was just an average size fish that you could catch anywhere. Nevertheless, Cain patted my head in a doting manner and stared at me with affectionate eyes, which boost my confidence and smugness.


Congratulations on catching your first fish.”


I dont want to eat it though. How do you set it free?


Cain smiled before he grasped the fish behind its head in a gentle, yet firm hold before removing the hook using a needle-nose plier with impeccable ease.


Oh! Got it.” I clapped my hands and seized the rod and cast it into the lake to reel in my second fish.


Cain, dont worry about me. You can start grilling the meat while I fish.” I shooed him away after I learned the basics from him.


Cain huffed a laugh as he shook his head, a helpless smile on his lips. He pecked my cheek and pinched my nose before he left me alone.

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