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Chapter 63: Date

At a famous pet shop north of New Haven, people secretly took glances in the direction of the beautiful young couple buying stuffs for their cute little puppy.

It was typical for people in the store to see celebrities, gorgeous men, and stunning women since the shop could be considered as an expensive quality shop for pets. But somehow, they couldn’t tear their eyes away from that lovely couple.

The man was gorgeous beyond compare, but he had that air that would make anyone shivered and unconsciously cowered in fear.

The woman, although not the most beautiful, but definitely pretty, and her charm was one of a kind. Young, yet she emanated confidence far beyond her age. She was not the type that you wanted to protect, but instead, wanted to please and cherish for the rest of your life.

The women all stared in jealousy and envy at the girl who could make the ice cold man smiled at her, and the men all wanted to pat and dote on that pretty young girl just to see her smile.

I was not oblivious to all the gossips, and secret glances thrown at us.

Although Cain was well known, not many knew how he looked like. He was in many newspapers and magazines, but most didn’t have his pictures on it.

I secretly sighed in relief that Cain was also a low key and a private person just like me.

It was Saturday, and we were currently buying little Pluffy’s stuffs just as Cain promised.

“Which do you think is better? This one or this one?” I asked the cold man while holding the different dog food in each hand.

“What do you think?” Cain asked back.

“I think that this milk coated one is better.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Everyone loves milk.”

He chuckled and picked that milk flavored dog food and placed it inside the shopping cart.

After the dog food, we went into the snacks section. I frowned and felt woozy at the deferent flavors, shapes, and sizes of snacks in front of me.

Cain, sensing my dilemma, suggested. “Let’s just buy all of them.”

“No, what if little Pluffy won’t like it?” I didn’t look at him and just stared intently at the snacks with my hand on my chin.

After a while, I snapped my fingers.

“I have an idea!”

I bent down and carried little Pluffy in front of the snacks, one at a time.

It worked like magic!

After the little furball sniffed, he would either lick or turn his head away.

Cain softly laughed, yet he didn’t say anything as he grabbed all the snacks little Pluffy licked and shoved it all into the cart.

After we’ve gotten everything on my list, we went to the last stop which was the pet bed section.

Little Pluffy immediately made its way on a simple large blue-grey memory foam and snuggled his self into it while his large teary eyes looked at us like he was begging for us to buy it.

Cain and I stared at each other and snickered.

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