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Chapter 62: Remarks

Bijoux Jewelries were known for their quality and rare stones, as well as, their exquisite, stunning, sophisticated, and one of a kind designs.

Owning at least one set of this jaw-dropping jewelries was enough to ticket your way into the circles of elites.

I was carrying little Pluffy so he could enjoy himself together with me gaping at the sparkly stones when a familiar voice came through.

“Tsk! What is she doing here?! So poor yet trying to act rich?!”

I looked over and frowned.

The one who spoke was my classmate, Lucia in her Gucci dress together with Julia in her Chanel summer outfit.

Sensing hostility towards me, little Pluffy growled causing them to flinched.

I smirked and resumed looking at those lined of exquisite zodiac carved stones while petting little Pluffy to calm him down.

“Hey, don’t you think that guy is cute?” Julia slightly elbowed Lucia and pointed her finger towards where Zhane was.

Zhane was at the watch section for men just behind me. He was trying on different wristwatch while Estela was still in the customization area on the other side.

The girls giggled and walked towards the section of set jewelry not far from me while secretly glancing at Zhane from time to time.

The saleslady greeted the two girls with broad smiles.

The two girls immediately pointed out a set of jewelry and tried them on.

“I’m so excited on Sophia’s debut that I’ve already had my dress made.”

“Me too! I was like going to Italy tomorrow to fit my dress and just have to buy the latest set of jewelry at Bijoux. If you don’t buy now, all the good stuffs will be taken since Sophia’s birthday is nearing.”

They licked their lips and turned towards me.

“Miss, you should be more mindful of the store’s image. Letting poor people inside here will ruin your reputation.”

“Lucia, don’t be like that. You know poor people can’t afford Bijoux Jewelries, so they contented themselves to just gape at them.”

They snickered. The saleslady remained all smiles, yet she secretly wiped away the sweat forming on her forehead.

As much as I wanted to ignore them, however, their high pitch voices caused my ears to be irritated even little Pluffy didn’t retract his large eyes at them even for a second, seemingly on alert. Like any moment now, he would leap and bit off their necks.

I walked toward where Zhane was.

“Let’s go.”

Zhane glanced at me and grinned, then he stared at the saleslady. “Sorry, I have to go. I’ll buy next time.”

“That’s alright, come back anytime.” The saleslady shyly smiled while blushing.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards where Estella was, ignoring the frowns and glares of the two girls.

“Who is he? Is he her boyfriend?”

“No way! Didn’t you see the man’s outfit? A complete set of Armani clothes! He wouldn’t go out with someone like her – a country bumpkin!”

“What a waste of cute guy.”

We were nearing Estela when Zhane whispered to me.

“Why do they think that you’re poor, you don’t look poor.”

I just shrugged my shoulders.

Most of the time, I didn’t wear branded clothes, not because I couldn’t afford them, but because I didn’t fancy them.

I was the type that knew exactly what I wanted even on clothes. Most of my clothes were custom made for me by Eva Heart or bought from other fashion designers, or if I was too lazy enough, just contented procuring on quality clothing shops at the mall.

“Let them. It’s more fun that way.”

Zhane looked at me funny.

“You know, if you just announce that you and Cain are dating, no one will dare bully you.”

I remained expressionless.

“You may be right, but I want my relationship as much as possible to remain private. Those girls are just all bark and no bite. No use in exerting too much effort on them.”

Zhane just shook his head, yet he didn’t say anything more.

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