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Chapter 61: Collar


We arrived in Bijoux Jewelry store and were greeted by broad, anxious smiles and stiff looking retail jewelers.


I paid them no mind and went directly for the stunning, sophisticated middle-aged woman who stood out from the rest. I ignored the fact that the middle-aged lady looked like Estela when older. I stared at her name tag and smiled. Hello Miss Lily, I would like to have this made please.”


I brought out my designs for Little Pluffys collar, oblivious to the womans fiery stares and broad smiles that almost made her eyes disappear.


I want the strap to be pure pastel aquamarine-colored leather and have a name Pluffy carved inside an emerald cut Alexandrite diamond. The pendant is mounted on an 18k white gold, flanked by two pave set brilliant diamond-cut Tibetan Mastiff joined by four strands round white cultured pearl necklace,” I said in one breath.

Ignoring the others daze expression, I focused my attention on Lily, who maintained her smile. Her face didnt show the slightest bit of surprise nor contortion.


As expected –– an experienced woman!


Lily gave me her most dazzling smile. Well see to it that your designs and requirements are fully met. May we have a copy of your blueprint as a reference?


Sure, how much will it cost me and when can I have it?


Ohohoho! Lilys hand covered her mouth as she laughed. It wont cost you a thing. We can have it made now so you can take it home within the week.”


. . .


. . .




Uhmm . . . What did you say? I looked at Lily, confused. Asking her with my expression to repeat her words because I think I misheard her.


Estela signaled something to Lily with her eyes, and Lily cleared her throat. She composed herself and said, I mean . . . we cant give you the exact quotation now. Will e-mail you within the day after our jewelers assist your designs. Once you gave the down payment, we will proceed with the crafting of the collar. It will be finished within a week.”


Oh, alright. That will be all then.” I flashed a relieved smile.


Why dont you take a look around and see if there is anything else that catches your fancy? Lily motioned her hand and urged me to take a look at the gorgeous sparkling displays of rare stones and stunning pieces of jewelry.


Since Im here, might as well take a look around.


I smiled at her and made my way through the line of exquisite pieces of jewelry. All the while, little Pluffy walked beside me in obedience.


I cant believe you dont even recognize the mother of your fiancé,” Zhane murmured.


I looked at him. What was that?


Zhane flinched as he shook his head. I-its nothing!

Mother! What are you doing here?! Estela hissed when Leanna was already meters away from them.


Lily frowned. What?! You and your father can meet Leanna and I cant?


Estela eyes constricted. Does brother know youre here?


Lily flinched at the mention of her sons name. W-whats wrong with seeing my future daughter in law? Spying and watching from afar is not enough for me.”


Mother, if you dont return to New York now, Ill tell brother. Knowing him, I think he already knows.”


Colors drained from Lilys face. Teary eyes, she sniffled as she half-ran to a secret door.


You and your brother! Ah! How did I ever give birth to such uncaring children? Lily said with aggrieved voice before truly disappearing from sight.


Estela sighed as she shook her head.

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