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Chapter 60: Guarding

[Me: Its just Zhane brother,

dont worry]


[ColdEmperor: Guard her well]


[Me: Leave it to me 😀]

We arrived at Farm Produce and saw Zhane sitting carefree at one of the shaded tables outside.


I did a quick swept of the place. It was pack! It was a good thing that it was not that hot and Little Pluffys coat was not yet thick.


Princess! And err . . . Estela? Zhane greeted me while his smile froze when he saw Estela.


Zhane you dope! How come you invited Leanna and didnt invite me out?Estela said.


Zhane shifted his gaze between Estela and me. He scratched the back of his head and forced a smile. I er . . . didnt know youre also here.”


Estela and I are attending the same University. By the way, Zhane, dont you have class?I asked.


We sat on the chair, and I tied Little Pluffys leash on the table and brought out his bowl and fed him water. Little Pluffy wagged his tail while circling my chair before sniffing Zhanes foot. Contended, he went back to my side, drank the water, and slumped his furry self on the ground. His stomach flat on the floor with four paws extending without a care in the world.


Awww! So cute!


I dont have a class on Fridays and weekends. Is that the Tibetan Mastiff Cain gave you? Zhane asked, pointing at little Pluffy.


Yep,” I answered with a smug face.


Zhane, how come youre here and not helping my brother in New York? Estela narrowed her eyes at the man.


Zhane swallowed hard. I just wanted to see Princess before the weekends. Later, Ill fly to New York. I dont have any ulterior motives! Honest!


You better be. You know how my brother is,” Estela threatened.


Zhane audibly gulped, wiping the tiny sweat forming on his forehead as he let out a strained laugh. He then shifted to me and changed the topic.


Princess, why are there so many people hacking your account? You didnt even stay here for a month, and yet, you already made so many enemies? Zhane asked after the waiter took our orders.


I shrugged. Isnt that why youre there?


Zhane leaned against his cushioned chair and placed his arms behind his head, completely relax. You kidding? With Cain guarding your account, I dont have to do a thing. That guy is ruthless!


Zhane, remembering Cain unleashing that virus on anyone who attempted to hack Leannas information . . . He shivered. Cold sweat raced down on his back.


I was surprised for a moment.


I didnt know that. Cain didnt tell me anything.


Estela, seeing my troubled expression, changed the topic. Leanna, after lunch, lets go roam around. Theres a nearby lane of shops here.”


Thats my plan. Im going to Bijoux to make a collar for little Pluffy. I heard that they have customization services there.” I shot a beam at the slumping furball, excited for him.


Estela clasped her hands in delight. Thats right! Lets go shopping while were at it!


Zhane grinned and winked at us. Ill accompany you girls, then. My flight is at four anyway.”


Estela and I giggled while little Pluffy yawned in boredom.

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