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Chapter 6: Frustration

Zhander was tapping his fingers on his knee, impatience written all over his face.

What’s taking her so long? Is she alright?

He was about to stand up and storm the toilet when a pair of flawless hands circled his arm.

Hon, how about we dance? Do you remember? This is our tune…” Saoirse smiled flirtatiously at him. She leaned her body closer, her full breasts hugging his arm.

He glanced at her with a disgusted face, then he violently shook his arm away from her grasped as he abruptly stood up, making his way towards the toilet.

He was angry and frustrated. He planned this night for him and Leanna alone, just the two of them. The moment he saw the unwanted guests at his reserved table, they should have just left then and there.

His mood somewhat brightened when he remembered about the call. He made an on the spot reservation at Backyard Garden, a famous lovers’ restaurant.

A peaceful candlelight dinner for just the two of them, that was his first plan. However, he also wanted Leanna to experience the nightlife in New York.

Now all was messed up.

I should have just gone with my first plan.

“You don’t look so good, Zhander.”

A voice like a cheerful harp brought him back to reality.

He looked at the charming young girl in front of him, blocking his way towards the toilet.

Shoulder length curly white hair. Big sparkling crystal emerald eyes. Small, proud nose with cherry like pouty lips. Smooth pale skin, it was so pale that it looked like she was glowing in the dark.

Estela Fay

“What are you doing here? Does your parents know that you’re here?”

Estela just shrugged her shoulders, pouting like a spoiled Princess. “No.” She then gave him a meaningful smile, “but my brother knows I’m here.”

He cursed.

It didn’t take a genius to guess what had happened.

He rushed towards the toilet, but Estela blocked his way – again.

“I’m actually on my way to tell you something, but since you are here, saves me the trouble.” She beamed at him which he reciprocated with a glare.

“Move, little Stela. I’m in a hurry.” He said through greeted teeth, trying hard not to shout at her.

“Even if you charge in there, you won’t find Leanna anymore. My brother already took her away.” She crossed her arms and tilted her head, looking all cute. “Right! I was going to tell you that you don’t have to worry about Leanna. My brother will be the one to take her home.” She smiled sweetly and leisurely walked past him.

He could smell her natural scent of fresh green apples as she passed by him, making him somewhat calmed down. He immediately dialed Leanna’s number, but then realized that she didn’t bring anything with her.

Damn it!

He was about to mobilize their families secret troops to bring Leanna back to him when his father called.

“Zhander, come home. We’ve prepared a celebratory feast for you.”

“Dad, not now. I have some—-“

“Your Grandfather is here.”

He paused, and after a moment, took a deep breath and sighed wryly.


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