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Chapter 59: Lunch


After the first day of school, Cain had been very busy. He returned home ten in the evening or even twelve in the morning, and always go to work as early as seven. Nevertheless, he still woke at five to accompany Little Pluffy and me for a walk.


He wouldnt allow me to go out alone early in the morning when it was still dark, even on how much I persuaded him to rest and get some more sleep. He said he would sleep in the helicopter.


It was going on for three days now.


It was Friday, and I dont have class. After we finished breakfast, Cain kissed me goodbye and left.


The moment he was gone, I grabbed the newspaper and read the page which caught my attention.


—- Jansen Conglomerate broke off billion-dollar joint venture with Farrell Corp. —-


I guess Uncle Luke already knew about Nicholas breaking the engagement with Zoe.


I smirked and checked my phone when it vibrated with Zhanes name on the screen.


[WhizKid: Princess!!

lets go out for lunch, my treat.

This is not a setup ☺]


I laughed a little.


[Me: Alright, where?

Pick a restaurant that allows pets]


[WhizKid: Then, how about Farm Produce?

They serve rice and have outside seating

if you have pets]


I pondered for a moment.


Farm Produce was situated near New Havens luxury shopping district and only thirty minutes from my place.


[Me: Alright,

meet you at eleven]


[WhizKid: Sweet! 😉]

It was summer, and although the temperature here was not that hot compared to my country, it was still humid and warm.


I put on a simple lime-colored drawstring top paired with white shorts and black slip-on. I braided my hair and puff some powder and lip gloss.


I grabbed a backpack and put Little Pluffys bowl, dog food, snacks, and chewing toys inside. All the while, the little puff of fur followed me around, wagging his tail as if sensing his impending freedom.


At first, I was worried in leaving the little guy behind in the unit all alone while I went to school and Cain went for work, but I was surprised and amazed that the little fur-ball was exceptionally well behaved for a puppy. Except for the constant biting and chewing off his toys, he didnt misbehave nor turned aggressive whenever he was left alone.


I wonder if he already received some kind of training?


I put on his leash and walked to the exit. I opened the door and was surprised to see Estela, standing pretty in front of my door like she was waiting for me.


Leanna, lets go out and have lunch! she said all smiles.


Little Pluffy circled her feet, sniffing her which made Estela giggled. Sensing the girl was not dangerous, little Pluffy went back to my side and obediently waited for me to take my first step.


Sorry, Estela. Ive already promised Zhane that Ill eat lunch with him.”


Estela clasped her hands and turned to the elevator and raised her fists in the air.


Thats great! We have one more person to join us!


I was about to say something, but sensing that she was so adamant about tagging along, I shook my head in defeat and strode beside her.

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