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Chapter 58: Debut


Argghh . . .”


Zoe slumped on the table, looking dejected.


Whats wrong with you? I asked.


I forgot! This year is the most bothersome of all years,” Zoe said, dragging her words like it weights thousands of pounds.


What do you mean? I probed.


Zoe puffed a weak sigh. Cant you see?


I raised an eyebrow, ignorance written all over my face.

Debuts year! she exclaimed. Many girls in high society will turn into a woman this year! Including me, Holley, and Sophia! Its like, the battle of the birthdays!




Zoe gaped at me. Lucky for you, you wont be forced to attend, but for me? My father will drag me from heaven to hell to attend that party.”


Then say youre sick and cant go,” I suggested.


I cant.” Zoe sighed, blowing her fringe. I have to go, or my father will beat me into going. He doesnt care what I do, but if it comes to his image, hell spare no one.”


What so important about it anyway? I asked with a scowl on my face.


Zoe and Estela glanced at each other.


Estela straightened her back and looked me in the eye. Well, if its any other birthdays, it wont be a big deal. But you see, this year is special. All the magazines, newspapers, different entertainment media were all preparing for this event years ago. Not one, but many of the worlds richest will be having their debuts. Me, Zoe, Holley, Sophia, and even Emery, to name a few. It will be a battle of whose birthday will be the grandest of them all.”


I stared at them with mouth hanging open.


I dont understand rich people.


If it were me, Id eat my favorite food while playing my favorite game and watch my favorite movies.


Arranging a party and exhaust yourself attending to the guests and be the center of attention all day?


A nightmare!


See where my dilemma is? Zoe butt in. Estela has it nice with loving parents and a delicious, sexy brother like Cain Fay . . . but thats not the point.”


MY dead eyes zeroed on her.


Zoe sighed, ignoring my dead look. Ill be humiliated again this year. Im sure Sophia will have it all while my birthday will just be a cake. Im lucky if there really will be a cake.” She sighed again more burdensome than the last.


You know. You cant exactly blame her. With this list of high profile birthdays, its your bad luck that you are born the same year.” Estela patted Zoes head, comforting her while her eyes locked on me.


Is Cain going to attend? I kept my face even but failed to conceal the anxiety in my voice.


Estela threw a knowing smile my way. My brother and I dont want to. Then again, if the one inviting us belongs to the same status as us, we have to give them face.”


Oh,” was all I could say.


You dont have to worry. With my brothers inborn cold personality, no woman would dare approach him,” she said with absolute confidence. Then she wrinkled her nose. Except Holley of course. That girl is crazy in love with my brother.”


I shot her a sarcastic smile. Thanks for the comforting words.”


You dont trust my brother? Estela pressed her hand against her chest, eyes wide in fake disbelief.


I trust Cain. Its those women I dont trust.”


Estela giggled. If youre so worried, you might as well come with us.”


I opened my mouth, then closed it. Hmmm . . .


Guys . . . ,” Zoe called, voice lethargic as her expression. Go ahead and worry about that walking aphrodisiac. Leave me, your friend, with her troubles and let her be humiliated in front of so many people.”


Estela and I glanced at each other and laughed.

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