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Chapter 57: Family

“Hello Estela, it’s been a while.”

We turned around and saw Holley together with Sophia, Nixon, Rowan, and a bunch of girls and boys. Even some of them were our classmates.

I ignored them and didn’t let them ruin my good mood. Zoe too did the same.

Estela’s face remained cheerful. “Hello Holley and everybody.”

“Estela, why don’t you join our table instead so we can catch up?” Holley asked with her soft angelic voice.

“That’s right Estela, associating with a county bumpkin and an uneducated girl will just damage your reputation.” Said a girl in their group.

We remained quiet and ignored their provocation.

Estela sweetly smiled. “Oh~ you don’t have to be so concerned with my reputation. I’m sure it’s not so badly damage as yours.”

The girl lost her color, but she didn’t dare to retort back. The crowd also looked stunned, yet they remained tight lip.

As expected of the Fay’s, no one wants to be their enemy.

Holley remained smiling. “Estela, can I have a moment with you?”

Estela tilted her head. “Is it a secret? If it’s not, then tell it to me now. After all, we are all friends here~!”

Holley’s smile froze. She looked hesitant.

“Estela, are you sure about your choice?” Holley said, slowly and calmly, didn’t hide the threat in her tone.

Estela held her chin and charmingly grinned at her.

“I’m very sure, just like my brother’s choice.” She teasingly chirped which caused Holley’s face to turned paler than usual.

Whispers resounded which added up to the discoloration of Holley’s face.

“Is Cain Fay the one who broke the engagement first?”

“But the news said that it was a mutual choice between families.”

“Shhhh… That’s a sensitive topic.”

Holley’s pale face turned red from anger and embarrassment. She didn’t want to be reminded of Cain breaking their engagement, especially not coming from his little sister’s mouth.

The whole matter regarding the broken engagement was covered up. Saying that it was the decision of both families and didn’t disclose any information. And just let the public know that it was a private affair for both families, saving the Goldwood, especially Holley, from humiliation.

The whole matter just got complicated when Estela came into the picture. Now, Holley couldn’t openly do something to Leanna because of Estela’s presence.

Estela who was also elusive just like her brother. Who Holley tried so hard to befriended in the past five years to no avail, and yet just befriended Leanna after they met. That only made Holley confirm that Cain really does like the county bumpkin which made her so angry, that her hatred started to oozed out from her body. She couldn’t accept Cain loving any other woman. She would go through lengths in order to get him back no matter what the cost.

Cain is mine! I won’t let that bitch steal him from me!

“Estela, it’s my eighteenth birthday next month. I’ll be handing out invitations next week. I hope you can attend.” Sophia said after a moment that Holley remained silent.

“I’ll take a rain check first.” Estela remained smiling, innocently.



Sensing that the silence became awkward, Sophia pulled Holley’s hand.

“Well then, we will leave you all with your meals.” Then they went to sat on a vacant table together with their minions while secretly glancing at our direction from time to time.

“Are you sure you wanted to be with us? Your image will be defiled.” I teasingly said.

Estela looked at me funny like I was telling a joke. “I want to see them try. Besides, you’re my sister. I always take the side of my family.”

I unconsciously smiled at her remarks.

I like the sound of ‘family’.

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