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Chapter 55: Motive




Nicholass eyes popped from its sockets, and his mouth fell wide open.


Ten million for making me waste my time and love for you and another ten for cheating on me. Ive already deducted the fun times we had. Considered it as my final parting gift for you,” Zoe said as calm as the gentle river.


Nicholas was paralyzed for a moment as his face paled.


Z-Zoe . . . , what are you talking about? When did I ever cheat on––


Zoe cut him and played the recording Leanna gave to her.

Nicholass face darkened, jaws clenching as angry veins bulged on his head.


It was a first that Zoe saw Nicholas lost his cool, and it was like enlightenment to her on what kind of man Nicholas Farrell was, which made her feel even more disgusted to have fallen for him.


You dont have to worry,” Zoe assured, Leanna doesnt have any more copy of this. I have the last one here on my phone. If you transfer the money to my account now, Ill give you my phone, and you can erase it yourself.” She didnt want Leanna to be implicated in her problems anymore. She didnt want to take advantage of her kindness. She already owed her too much.


How do I even know youre telling the truth? Nicholass tone was skeptical as his eyes never left the phone in Zoes hand.


I may be ignorant of your high societies etiquettes and nobility ways, but you know full well that Im no liar,” Zoe said, not backing from Nicholass stare.


Nicholas threw piercing glares at her before he reached for his phone.


It didnt take a minute after Nicholas ended his call and Zoe felt her phone vibrated. She checked her account and shot Nicholas a sweet smile. She then gave her phone to him, and the latter immediately erased the recording.


Zoe smirked when Nicholas let out a sigh of relief. She stood to his feet, but Nicholas stopped her.


Zoe, is that all youre going to say? I know you still love me,” he said, tone confidence as his bearing. Ive only broken our engagement because of that recording. What I said to Sophia was a lie to save her face. It was an accident what happened to Sophia and I. It was a moment of weakness.”


As he spoke, the confidence in his tone gradually turned pleading as his expression changed to helplessness.


Nicholas didnt want to let Zoe go just yet without even having a taste of her. The reason he courted her was so he could have sex with her. A pure, untamed girl who was ignorant of how the world works was a tempting new experience for him. But he didnt expect that she would refuse him so many times until he was forced to propose to her to get what he wanted.


But never would he guess that Zoe was so stubborn she still refused him even after that.


He never really wanted to marry her. The moment when he got what he wanted, he would break the engagement. Unfortunately, he never expected a small blunder like that.


Zoe looked down at Nicholas, devoid of any emotion. If it was in the past, she could still forgive him. But now, all she felt was disgust.


Zoe beamed at him, and Nicholas sensed a ray of hope.


Tripping and falling into a manhole is an accident, you just didnt trip and fall into a vagina.” (As the saying goes)


Nicholas caught his tongue, and Zoe giggled.


You thought me coming here was for the reason I wanted you to take me back? She pinched Nicholass cheek and chortled, How cute!


She then walked towards the door when Nicholas spoke.


Zoe, I know Ive done you wrong, but Im not entirely at fault here. Men have to have sex to feel loved. Maybe if we can give ourselves a second chance under certain circumstances, we can still be friends?


Nicholas was unwilling to let the years of his hard work to walk out on him like that. If he still had a connection with her, he was confident he could win her back.


Zoe looked at Nicholas, and after a long silence, she tilted her head and beamed.


You lied to your partner, cheated on her, and then blamed her? You really must be the victim! I truly believe if we meet in a different place, in a different time, under different circumstances –– youll still be a lying cheating asshole!


She then sashayed out of the room, leaving Nicholas behind –– flabbergasted.

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