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Chapter 53: Ashamed

I woke up from the vigorous licking of my face. I giggled at the little furball and hugged him while he, on the other hand, wiggled and licked his way out of my embrace before jumping off the bed.

I sat up, stretched and yawned myself awake. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table.

[4:07 AM]

I stared at the still sleeping man beside me and gently pecked his lips. I was about to get out of the bed when his arms circled my waist and forced me to lay on top of him.

“Cain, I think little Pluffy wants to poop.” I softly said.

Cain just groaned.

Nevertheless, he let me go and then we got out of the bed.

We put on our coats. Cain grabbed a leash and tied it on little Pluffy’s collar while the small ball of fur happily wagged his tail, hurriedly guiding us out of the unit.

It was cold outside with only the street lamps lighted our way into the nearby park.

Cain held my hand while his other hand held Little Pluffy’s leash as we made our way to roam around the park.



“What happen last night? I remember that I’ve put your….err….‘thing’…. inside my mouth, but it was all a blur after that.”

Cain somewhat choked. He cleared his throat before answering, avoiding my questioning gaze.

“You passed out….” He simply said.

I frowned at him, but didn’t refute.

Maybe… I did pass out, considering the amount of stimulation last night.

Determined not to let last night passed, I gathered my courage and said with a slightly trembling voice. “L-let’s continue later when we return home….”

Cain intently stared at me.



“Leanna… we need to talk.”

He said, his voice was solemn while his face was unreadable.

I felt that the atmosphere tensed up.


I knew that something was wrong.

He guided me to sat on the open field before removing little Pluffy’s leash. The little piglet immediately ran all over the field, yet still maintaining a close distance from us.



I was fidgeting and secretly glanced at the man beside me, waiting for him to speak.

“Leanna……” Cain turned to seriously look at me.

“Y-yes?” I secretly held my breath at the seriousness of his voice.

After they cleaned little Pluffy’s mess, they sat on the wide-open field and let the little furball ran wild.

Cain was racking his brain’s out to find ways on how to stop Leanna from seducing him.

Finally, he deduced that the only way was to seriously talk to her about it.

“Leanna… I’m pleased that you wanted me the same way that I wanted you…”

He saw her tensed up. Instantly, he wanted to kiss away the worry in her eyes.

However, he controlled himself. His resolve must not waver now.

“…but, I can’t make love to you… Not yet… not until we’re married. It’s my fault for leading you on…, but after what happened last night… I can’t take risk anymore… So please… stop seducing me and do things that will make me lose control.” He gently and softly said, afraid to hurt her feelings more than he already did.

His heart shook when he saw her eyes gradually turned misty from the rejection and shame. She lowered her head and avoided his gaze. He knew that she was too embarrassed and ashamed to meet his gaze.

He slowly reached out and carried her to his lap. She didn’t struggle. He saw glistening tears in her eyes that was about to fall.

Instantly, he wanted to take back all the things he said.

He would be happy and more than willing to make love to her right now and here as long as she wouldn’t show these kinds of expressions, full of guilt and shame.

“I-I’m sorry… I was only thinking about myself… I-I never think about your situation… I-I’m sorry…… p-please …… d-don’t hate me….” She forced the words out with her tiny quivering voice.

He felt like his heart was being peeled piece by piece as his bones were being pricked by millions of needles.

He gently kissed her eyes. “I could never hate you.” Was all he could say against the heaviness of his feelings.

He gently ran his fingers through her hair while hugging her, letting her feel that he loves her more than anything in the world. That whatever she do or did, there was absolutely no way that he could hate her.

After a while, she calmed down and raised her head to stare at him. He smiled lovingly at her while her fingers softly caressed his face. He tenderly kissed her soft fingers.

He didn’t know how long they stared at each other, contented on the silence, their eyes whispering unspoken words of love.


They were jolted awake and saw the little fat furry puppy watching them while waging his tail, his head tilted to the side seemingly curious at what they were doing.

They laughed and readied themselves to return home.

After that day, they became more intimate and closer than before that even without words and just with their eyes – they knew exactly what the other was thinking.

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