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Chapter 51: Sexy


I kept mentioning names and didnt notice Cains gloomy face as he grabbed for a towel, wet it, put soap and knead it, rinse it, and gently wiped my face with it.


Are you listening? I stopped his hands from wiping my face.


Mmm . . .”


I bat an eyelid at him and zoomed out of the bathroom to find the little furball fast asleep on my carpet. My heart went out to him.


Awww . . . He looks so tired. Did he already eat? What if he needs to pee? We should buy dog food, bowls, treats, snacks, puppy bed, sandbox––agh! Theres so much to buy!


I snatched my coat and bolted to the exit when Cain stopped me.

Leanna, it has already been fed. There are dog food and snacks, as well as his bowl in the kitchen. Hes also been toilet trained so he wont litter here inside the house. As for the other things he will need, we can buy it this weekend,” he said in one breath to calm me down.


My excitement died down, and I lowered my head in disappointment.


Cain chuckled and patted my head. Dont be impatient. Let him rest. He was just shipped here from Mongolia.”


I nodded a little and looked over his cold, handsome face. My heart swelled, and that wonderful feeling took over as I shifted my eyes to his usual V-neck sweatshirt. My fingers itched, and I ran it across his chest.


You know, although I like these sexy clothes on you . . . I love it more if its your skin,” I purred, twirling my fingers over his chest.


My fingers inched to the hem of his shirt when his hands stopped mine.


Leanna,” he breathes, voice gruff like he was struggling to let out the words. I remember that you dont want cohabitation before marriage.”


Yes, I dont want to pretend and act like a married couple when were not married yet.”


Cain shook his head a bit with a small smile on his face.


And what do you think youre doing now?


I ran my palms all over his chest to his shoulder and squeezed his biceps.


Making love is a normal thing for any couples to do.”


He chuckled.


So the truth is . . . you just want my body? he whispered, breath hot in my ear and my eyes closed.


Is not that I want your body (all the time). Its just that, youre always so damn sexy.”


I bit my lip and fluttered my eyelids.


He grinned. You possess a pure heart but a naughty mind, my love.”


Disappointed? I gave him the puppy-eyed look.


He caressed my cheek while his grin widened. No . . . I love every single second of it.”


He kissed me hard, and I embraced his neck to steady myself. He grabbed my bottom and raised me to level our lips. My legs circled his waist, and my hands tightened around his neck. Our lips never parted as our tongues devoured each other in abandon. He carried me onto the bed while our mouth intertwined in a frenzy.


He broke the kiss, and my growl of protest was swallowed with my cry when he shoved me on the bed. I was even more aroused and excited by his savaged actions.


This man can always awaken another side of me that I didnt even know.


My breathing hitched when he removed his shirt, exposing the simple aquamarine ring dangling around his neck. His lean muscles and abs. His broad chest, thin waist, and the sexy drool-worthy V-line of his hip bone.

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