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Chapter 51: Sexy

I kept mentioning names and didn’t notice Cain’s gloomy face as he grabbed for a towel, wet it, put soap and knead it, rinse it, and then he gently wiped my face with it.

“Are you listening?” I stopped his hands from wiping my face.


I frowned and quickly ran out of the bathroom to find the little furball fast asleep on my carpet. Instantly, my heart went out to him.

“Awww…… he looks so tired. Did he already eat? What if he needs to pee? We should buy dog food, bowls, treats, snacks, puppy bed, sandbox, ahhhh…. there’s so much to buy!” I was about to grab my coat and went for my car when Cain stopped me.

“Leanna, it has already been fed. There are dog food and snacks as well as his bowl in the kitchen. He’s also been toilet trained so he won’t litter here inside the house. As for the other things he will need, we can buy it this weekend.” He said in one breathe to calm me down.

I gave a disappointed look as I lowered my head.

Cain chuckled and patted my head. “Don’t be impatient. Let him rest. He was just shipped here from Mongolia.”

I hesitantly nodded.

I stared at his cold handsome face lovingly as I slowly shifted my gaze towards his usual V-neck sweatshirt.

I gently caressed his chest.

“You know…… although I like this sexy clothes… I love it more if it’s just your skin.” I purred.

I was about to touch the hem of his shirt when his hands stopped mine.

“Leanna, I remember clearly that you don’t want cohabitation before marriage,” he huskily struggled to let the words out.

“Yes, I don’t want to pretend and act like a married couple when we are not married yet.”

Cain slightly shook his head with a small smile on his lovely face.

“And what do you think you’re doing now?”

I ran my fingers all over his chest.

“Making love is a normal thing for any couples to do.”

He chuckled.

“So the truth is… you just want my body?” He softly whispered and my eyes automatically closed.

“Is not that I want your body (all the time). It’s just that, you’re always so damn sexy.”

I bit my lip and flirtatiously smiled at him.

He grinned. “You possess a pure heart but a naughty mind, my love.”

“Disappointed?” I gave him the puppy-eyed look.

He caressed my cheek while his grin widened. “No….. I love every single second of it.”

He kissed me hard that I was forced to embraced his neck to steady myself.

He grabbed my bottom and raised me up. My legs automatically circled his waist while my hands tightly embraced his neck, all the while, our tongues were impatiently devouring each other. He carried me towards the bed while our tongues were still intertwined in a frenzy.

Then he roughly shoved me on the bed.

It made me even more aroused and excited by his savaged actions.

This man can always rouse another side of me that I don’t even know.

I caught my breath when he gradually removed his shirt, exposing the simple aquamarine ring dangling around his neck, his lean muscles and abs, his broad chest, thin waist, and that sexy drool-worthy V-line.

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