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Chapter 50: Pluffy


You know, Estela, your sister, is taking linguistic and in the same class as me? I cupped my chin and leaned closer to him.


We were eating the delicious dinner he made when I decided it was about time to discuss the things that were bothering me.


Mmm . . . , she always wanted to study linguistics,” he said, eyes on his food.


My eyebrow rose in skepticism.


“. . . Right. And do you know our Russian professor looks like one of your personal bodyguards?


Mmm . . . , coincidence.”


I sighed in surrender and changed the topic. You know, I have so much free time. I only have classes from Monday to Wednesday.”


I stared at him, couldnt hide the expectation in my voice. Maybe, we can watch a movie or go somewhere during those times I dont have a class?


Cain paused, and he finally returned my gaze. His face sank as if the world was ending.


Leanna . . . ,” he said, voice so strained like the letters were heavy. In these few days . . . I will be coming home late.”


The way he threaded his words made me paused, and my expression fell from my face. I shook my head and forced a smile. Oh, its okay. We can do it some other time then.”


. . .


. . .


Ahhh . . . this feeling again.


We have a list of possible software to develop, do you want to take a look? Cain changed the subject after a moment of silence.


I smiled despite the tightness of my heart.


Sure, Ill look at it later.”


We then finished our meal in awkward silence.

After I checked and pointed out suggestions to better improved the list of software he showed me (thanks to my cheat code for that) he kissed me in delight before pulling me into my bedroom.


Cain, whats going on?


I giggled when he sat me on the bed and covered my eyes with a handkerchief.


Its a surprise, dont peek,” he said. Even if I couldnt see his face, I knew he was smiling based on the contagious happiness in his voice.


I sensed that he left the room, and after a minute, he returned. I felt him standing in front of me. After a while, something fluffy and furry and heavy was laid on top of my lap.


Alright, you can remove your blindfold.”


I removed the handkerchief and was welcomed by big round eyes and fluffy white hairs. My hand covered my mouth in disbelief. Tears of overwhelming happiness brimmed in my eyes.

Do you like it? Cain softly said as he wiped away my tears with all the gentleness he could muster.


I-I love it!


I cuddled the Tibetan Mastiff puppy in my arms. The little bear licked my face, and I giggled in delight.


Cain frowned and seized the puppy in my hold and put it down on the floor. The little furball, sensing its freedom, roamed around the room, wagging his tail in excitement to explore his new home.


I reached my arm to cuddle him, but Cain grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom.


Cain, what should we call him? Its so cute and fluffy! How did you know I love dogs?! Should we call him piglet?! Or fatty Cain?! Since youre the one who bought him.”


I barraged him with questions, oblivious to the cold mans irritation.

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