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Chapter 5: Let Loose


Hello, Princess! Its rare for you to call me. Whats up?


“. . .”


I hesitated. I dialed Zhanes number without even knowing how to ask him!




T-the news . . .”


What about the news? Zhane chuckled.


Y-you know . . .”


Sorry, what I know is, you dont make any sense right now. Are you drunk?


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.




. . .


. . .


Okaaaay . . .”


The little tremors of sounds on the other side told me that Zhane was holding his laughter.


Answering to your Highnesss question, it was the first day that youve met. He asked me to take care of any leak at that time cause he didnt want any paparazzi the following day––”


He paused, then breathes. Ehehehe, now I know. It turns out, he didnt want anyone disturbing your date. Tell me what happened that day! Im dying of curiosity here!


. . .


. . .


Hello? Princess? Are you still the––?!


I ended the call and stared absentmindedly at the phone.


I closed my eyes and calmed my ragged breathing before I strode out of the toilet. In the hallway, I didnt pay any mind at the group of men in black suit, ten meters away from me, blocking the entrance of the hall, not letting anyone from the main room entering the corridor going in the toilet.


In a daze, my eyes glued on the floor, making my way back in the main room when warm, strong arms circled my waist, hugging me from behind.




I froze. Everything seemed to have stopped.


Come with me.”


His hot breath fanned my ears, and I swallowed hard. Before my mind could process what was happening –– I nodded.


Cain spun me to him, but I continued to lower my head, refusing to meet his eyes.


Put this on.”


He gave me a sweatshirt. I felt like I was in a trance, hypnotized by him as I put on the shirt in silence.


Cain smiled and raised the hoodie, covering my face before putting his hand on my shoulder and lead me into the fire exit opposite the main room.


Before I climbed the stairs, I took a peek at the charming young girl, leaning against the wall in front of the toilet, smiling and winking at us –– waving her hand goodbye.


We ascended our way into the rooftop where a helicopter was waiting for us.


Are you alright? Cain asked when the helicopter took off and flew to who knows where.


I didnt answer. My head hung low, heavy with thoughts. I didnt even notice that his hand was still on my shoulder, holding me close against him.


I look silent on the outside, but my mind, heart, body, and soul were in chaos. I closed my eyes and blocked my surroundings so I could focus on my thoughts.


What the hell are you doing?! Did you forget your lesson?!


I didnt forget. Cain is not like him.


How do you even know? Hes a man. Mens love only lies three inches below their belly button!


Hes asexual?


Hes gotten interested in you. Hell get interested in sex. Once hes taken a bite of that forbidden fruit, hell search for it again and again after hes gotten bored with you.


Ill just make sure that he wont get bored with me then.


Youre crazy! Do you want to get hurt?! Again?!


If I ignored my feelings for the reason that Im scared to get hurt, Id end up hurt anyway.


No! You cant trust him! You barely even know him!


If I give him my trust, Ill end up either hurt or happy. Its all up to me whether I am willing to take that risk . . .


. . . and I AM willing to take that risk!


I want to know him and be closer to him!


I opened my eyes, and the tightness in my chest and the heaviness in my thoughts disappeared.


It felt like the burdens of the world no longer exist. Only this man, sitting beside me, holding me close –– is real.

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