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Chapter 49: In Love

“Uncle Luke, so you… doing all of this is because you wanted to atone for the woman you love… through Zoe?”

“Yes, that sums it up.”

Uncle Luke sighed and stared at me intently.

“Leanna, I had a choice back then…. I made Jansen Conglomerate as it is now, I could make it again even if I was disowned… But I didn’t… and that remained as my life’s greatest regret.”

When I didn’t say anything, he continued.

“Leanna, no one taught Zoe on the ways to live in high society. Her father doesn’t love her, and her mother died when she was still a toddler. She might be crude, but she has a good heart. She’s unruly, but–“

“Uncle Luke, I get it. Even if you haven’t told me anything, I already like Zoe. And besides… we’ve already become friends the moment we saw each other at that gallery.” I beamed at him.

Uncle Luke watched me for a moment. Then he gave me the warmest smile, the first I had ever seen on his face before turning cold and intimidating again.

He raised his hand, and automatically, Zhander and Estela entered the room and sat on their previous seats.

“Grandpa Luke, so fishy. You better not tell Leanna to break up with my bother.” Estela lightly elbowed the old man.

The girl really has guts!

Uncle Luke just smirked.

“Hmp! Even if I did, she wouldn’t heed it. She’s practically fallen for the man’s charms.”

I blushed hard, and Zhander tensed up.

“You bet she is! Leanna, I’m warning you now. If you try to break up with my brother… he will kidnap you and imprison you on a lone island.” Estela narrowed her eyes to scare me, but I somehow had this feeling that she was not joking.

“She has already fallen hard on the man. Can’t you see that her eyes sparkled every time Cain’s name is brought up?” Uncle Luke retorted, and they chuckled together.

I frowned. “Can you at least pretend that I’m right here in front of you?”

Finally, Zhander couldn’t take it anymore. He abruptly stood up, causing the table to slightly quaked. “I’ll just go get some air.”

Then he went out.

“Someone’s in a bad mood.” Estela held her chin and grinned playfully.

Uncle Luke sighed. “That’s why he’s still a kid. Can’t even distinguish between love and like.” Then he shifted his gaze to take a long glanced at Estela. “When will you stop teasing him?”

“As long as he keeps treating me like a little sister,” Estela answered coolly, still smiling, holding her chin.

I was stunned and confused. I gave Estela a questioning stare.

Estela just shrugged her shoulders. “Zhander and I are in love with each other. But the funny thing is, the guy doesn’t even know. He thinks that his feelings for me are just like that of a little sister. Hilarious, right?!” She said it so naturally like she was just describing the weather today.

After a moment that my brain had finally caught up. “Oh…. so that’s why he’s looking at you funny…. If it’s mutual love, then why aren’t you two dating?”

“Tehehehehe, it’s fun that way. I can tease him to my heart’s content.”

I wrinkled my nose. “You do know that he’s pursuing me, right? Can you two get together, so that’s one less problem for me?”

Estela beamed at me. “Don’t worry. He’s just interested in you ‘cause you’re a new challenge for his ego. Just like his previous other girlfriends, once he’s tired and bored, he’ll stop.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “You do know that you’ve just hurt my feelings, right?”

Estela giggled while Uncle Luke subtly shook his head.

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