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Chapter 48: Story

We arrived at a famous sushi restaurant owned by a renowned Japanese chef.

We went to the back door leading to a private Japanese styled room where the cold, intimidating Luke Jansen was comfortably sitting on a cushion in a formal ‘seiza’ position.

“Grandpa Luke! How are you?! It’s been a long time!” Estela practically hopped towards the old man, hugging and kissing his cheeks before settling herself beside him.

Estela Fay was probably the only person who could hug and kiss Luke Jansen like any other ordinary old man.

Got to say, the girl has guts.

Luke Jansen didn’t mind one bit as he nodded and gave Estela a warm smile. “Estela, it had been indeed a while. You’re still as cheery as ever I see.”

Zhander and I took our seat in front of Uncle Luke and Estela.

“Congratulations to the both of you for entering college.”

I smiled at the regal man.

“It’s all because of you, of course,” I teasingly chimed.

Uncle Luke just raised an eyebrow before glancing at Zhander. “Zhander, can you give Leanna and me a minute.”

Zhander probed his grandfather before shifting his gaze towards Estela. “Little Stela, let’s wait outside.”

Estela pouted her lips, yet she didn’t say anything. She took Zhander’s hand to stood up and walked towards the exit.



“Uncle Luke, what are you going to tell me?” I started.

It had been a while since Estela and Zhander left the room, yet the old man remained quiet.

I stared at him. This was the first time that I saw the intimidating regal man this uneasy, though he was trying to hide it.

“How’s your first day at school?”

My eyebrow skeptically arched.

“Uncle Luke, you came all the way here just to ask me about my first day at school?” I crossed my arms. “What are you really going to say?”

Uncle Luke stared at me for a moment before he took a deep breath. “I heard you bought Zoe Collin’s painting. One million dollars, sell the painting to me.”

I blinked at him.

“I can give you the painting as a gift. I got it for free anyways.”

Uncle Luke remained silent as he continued to avoid my gaze.



“That’s it?”

He sighed again, more heavy than the last. “Do you want to hear a story?”

“I’m listening.”

I sat straight and intently stared at him.

“In the past… when I was just starting Jansen Conglomerate… I fell in love with a woman, a middle class born woman.” He paused, then he glanced at me. When I didn’t react, he continued.

“The usual tragedy. My parents were against it and wanted me to marry a woman of important background. They threatened to disown me if I don’t. I don’t mind being disowned, but what I couldn’t bear to let go was… all my hard work. My life’s work… the Jansen Conglomerate… leaving it to ruins.”

Uncle Luke closed his eyes and opened it, his gaze full of regret.

“So, I agreed. I married the woman and let the woman I love married another man. She had a daughter, but life was never good to them. She died together with her husband in a car accident, leaving her daughter behind. I secretly helped her daughter until her daughter married a rich man, but that also didn’t work out. The man had an affair with another married woman, causing her daughter to be depressed and died not long after… leaving a small child behind.”

My eyelids fluttered. I didn’t know why Uncle Luke suddenly started to tell me all of this. I stared at him confused.

“The small child is Zoe Collin, and the granddaughter of the woman I love.”


I was lying if I said that I was not shock at the sudden revelation.

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