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Chapter 47: Unexpected

“Look at that, leaning at our gate. Isn’t that–“

Quick, get your phone!”


Estela and I were on our way back to our condo after our last afternoon class ended at four. I was not even surprise that she was staying at Azure Sky, the same building as Cain and me. Her unit was just below Cain’s penthouse.

We glanced to where the people were pointing their fingers and found a handsome, eye-catching young man in his three-piece suit, holding a bouquet of flowers, leaning at the University’s gate.

I was surprised. “That’s–“


Before I could even get the name out, Estela already hopped her way towards Zhander.

Zhander was also surprised for a moment, then a warm smile formed on his lips. “Little Stela. I should have known you’re also attending here.”

He gazed at me and gave me a polite smile.

Awkward much!

I nodded at him as I returned his smile.

I walked towards them, and Zhander immediately extended his hand, holding the bouquet of flowers to give to me. “For you. In commemoration of your first day in college.”

My eyes widened. I somewhat glared at him, signaling him with my eyes.

“What? That country bumpkin again?!”

“Does she knows Zhander too?”

“Why is she associated with all of high societies people?”

Fortunately, Estela saved me. She grabbed the bouquet from Zhander’s hand and smiled sweetly at him.

“Ohh~ Zhander, you shouldn’t have! Thank you so much!”

“So, it’s for Estela Fay.”

“I thought as much. There is no way in hell that the great Zhander Jansen will give a bouquet of flowers to a nobody.”

“I heard that the Fay’s and Jansen’s were longtime friends.”

“Guess it’s true then. Zhander even came all the way here just to congratulate Estela, isn’t that sweet?”

Zhander somewhat frowned. “Little Stela, those flowers are for Leanna.”

I was glad that his voice was low, so no one heard that part.

Estela tilted her head as she pointed at her chin. “Leanna is already dating my brother. She won’t accept any gifts from boys besides my brother. But since we know each other, I won’t throw your gift away.”

“Did Cain put you into this?”

Estela just beamed at him.

Zhander ignored her and stared at me instead. “Leanna, let’s go out and celebrate your first day at school.”

I was about to refuse when Zhander cut me off. “Grandfather wanted to talk to you. He’s here together with me.”

Uncle Luke?

It must be important if he wanted to meet me in person.

I nodded without a second thought.

Estela clasped her hands. “Great! It had been a while since I saw Grandpa Luke.”

Zhander raised an eyebrow at her, “You can come, but be good.”

Estela puffed her cheeks. “You’re wounding me. When did I ever not been good?”

Zhander ignored her and motioned for us towards his car.

“That country girl sure is lucky.”

“How in the world did she associate herself with Estela Fay?”

“That bitch is just riding someone else’s fame.”

The whispers finally stopped when we were inside Zhander’s car.

Agghhh…… so much for my low-key and peaceful life at school.

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