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Chapter 46: Perverts


What did you just called me in front of those many people? Are you trying to murder me?


After I made sure that there were no people in the hallway, I released Estelas hand and stared at her charming face, which was faking innocent.


Estela raised her shoulder in an elegant shrug as she rubbed her hand that I held like it was injured. Sister-in-Law is so aggressive . . .” She fluttered her lashes at me. I like that. Tehehehe!


Please stop calling me sister-in-law.”


She stared at me for a moment. Alright, if you insist. Ill call you Leanna then.”


I breathed a sigh of relief.

Estela grabbed my hand and inspected it, looking for something. So, wheres the ring?


I nearly wanted to shove my hand into her mouth.


Shhhh! How did you even know about the ring? I turned around to see if someone heard that –– panicking out of my wits.


Fortunately, no one was in the hallway for the moment, except for the two of us.


Estela giggled. With my brothers personality, I wont even be surprised if he married you on the first day youve met.”


She licked her lips and shot me a mischievous smile. So . . . did you consummate your marriage yet? Hows my brother in bed? Tell me ALL the juicy details! Dont leave anything behind!


I nearly fainted at the words coming out from her mouth.


Is this the type of words a noble lady should say?


I pressed my palm against the wall for support.


We are not married, yet. Im still a minor,” I said, word for word, making her comprehend each word.


Estela pouted and flipped her hair. Hmp! Only a matter of time.”


I somehow can see that youre Cains sister . . . You two are both . . .”


Perverted? She wickedly smiled at me.


Im going to say outrageous . . . but yeah, perverted isnt far off too.”


Estela looked over at me with sparkling, impish eyes. Oh, honey . . . , you have noooo idea.”


I gaped at her in disbelief.


This girl was very different from the way she looks. The words coming out from her mouth were really . . .


You two, what are you doing in the hallway? The class is about to start.”


We shifted our attention to a middle-aged woman who was walking in our direction. From the way she dresses, she appeared to be a professor.


Estela and I exchanged glances, and without a word, entered the room together with the professor.

So . . . , how did you met Estela Fay?


Zoe asked during lunch break. We were sitting in the far corner of the cafeteria, away from the privy eyes of the crowd.


She and my brother are dating,” Estela casually replied.


*Pft! *cough . . . *cough . . .


After so much coughing. Zoe reached for a glass of water. She drank the whole glass before gawking at me like I was an otherworldly existence.


How did you even managed to snag someone like Cain Fay?! Youre a freaking demoness! Cain Fay is the most elusive man Ive ever met. Youre! Youre––!




I clamped my hand on Zoes lips, silencing her.


Do you also want to get me killed? Can you two please keep it a secret? Im trying to live a low key and peaceful life here.”


Zoe and Estela glanced at each other. Zoe nodded while Estela shrugged her shoulders.


I withdrew my hand and threw them a warning look, not to be so loud.


Zoe looked around to see if people were listening before she licked her lips and leaned closer.


So . . . how is Cain Fay in bed? she whispered.


. . .


. . .


I like her,” Estela said to me while smiling at Zoe.


Why am I surrounded by perverted people?

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