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Chapter 45: Estela Fay


Holley slammed her hands on the countertop. Her nose, fuming with anger.

The girls inside the toilet immediately ran towards the exit, afraid to be implicated in her anger.

“That whore!!! Why can’t I win against a country bumpkin?! Why?!!”

“Easy sister, are you sure that she’s just a country bumpkin?” Sophia rubbed her back.

“Of course! I’ve already asked our private network to investigate her. She’s just a slut born from a middle-class family. A farmer’s daughter!” She sneered.

“Don’t worry. We will have our chance. As long as she’s staying here, we can make her life miserable.” Sophia smiled wickedly at her. “Sister, the school year is still long.”

Finally, she calmed down as she clenched her hands.

That’s right. It was just the beginning. She would make sure that whore’s life would be a living hell that she would wish on dying instead.

I’ll show you what happens if you become my enemy.

I entered the room that I was assigned for the whole year. The lecture room was simple, elegant and comfortable with individual cushioned seats.

No less from the school for the rich and powerful.

I took the seat in the front row since it gave me a better view and acoustic, unmindful at the curious glances of my fellow classmates.

Expected enough, most of the students already formed their own cliques. Maybe some of them were classmates or friends in high school or belonged to the same circle.

“Isn’t she the one who made an enemy on Holley Goldwood?”

“She’s crazy, making out an enemy of THE Holley Goldwood.”

“We just have to stay clear of her.”

“Who is she anyway?”

“I heard she’s just a country bumpkin born to a middle-class family in a third world country in an unknown province.”

“Just a country bumpkin has the guts to make Holley Goldwood her enemy?”

“You know how country bumpkins are. They don’t know our prestige and etiquettes, as well as, their social standing in our status quo.”

They stopped when I turned around to gaze at the room.

At least twenty students.

The school upholds to its reputation. Besides wealth and fame, you’ve got to have outstanding talents to get in.

Uncle Luke is THE man.

I wondered how he got me in.

I was woken up from my thoughts when the door slid opened and entered a charming, lovely girl.

The same girl that I saw at the club that Zhander had brought me a few days ago!

I heard the gasping and whispering of the people behind me.

The charming woman seemed to be looking for someone. When her eyes met mine, she moved her lips to form the most enchanting smile I had ever seen.


“No way! First, we have the Jansen’s family Princess. Now we have the Princess of the Fay’s!”

“I’m soooo glad I enrolled here!”

“The Fay’s are like so low key and elusive that meeting even just one of them is like an impossible dream!”

“That’s Estela Fay? She is more charming than the rumors made her out to be.”

Estela Fay? Cain’s little sister?

Estela slowly walked towards me and sat on the cushioned seat beside mine while maintaining her charming smile as I kept staring at her in confusion – wide eyes.

She held her chin and leaned closer towards me.

“We meet again… sister-in-law.”

I think the whole world just stopped.

“What did she just say?”

“I don’t know. I can’t hear them. We should get closer.”

“Something like a sister? Why is the county bumpkin so popular? First, Holley Goldwood, now Estela Fay?”

“What’s so good about her?”

I sighed in relief when they didn’t catch what the charming girl just said.

I quickly stood up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her out of the room.

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