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Chapter 44: Retaliation

Sophia was shocked that Zoe just talked back at her. Zoe never did so in the past. No matter how she would bully her, the girl wouldn’t fight back and would silently endure.

Sophia inwardly grimaced while keeping her angelic smile. With a concerned face and voice responded, “Zoe, mom, and dad are worried about you. How could you just pack your things and live in the dorms without even telling us?”

“As expected of the black sheep.”

“No manners at all.”

“Even to her own parents, no parental love whatsoever.”

Sophia continued. “Mom and dad are angry, but I’ll help you talk to them. You shouldn’t run off like that. You should listen to our parents once in a while.”

“Did you hear that? She doesn’t even listen to her parents.”

“She’s making Sophia look bad. So shameless.”

“Haven’t you already heard. She’s an embarrassment to the Collin’s.”

Zoe smiled and crossed her arms. “Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you’re so knowledgeable on how to live my life. Tell you what, why don’t you give your unwanted lectures to someone who cares?” Zoe rebutted with a mocking tone.

Sophia slightly stammered as she pretended to look hurt. “I-I didn’t mean to… I’m just concerned about you.”

Zoe rolled her eyes and titled her body to the side.

“Sophia, are you sure you wanted to continue with your charade?” I licked my lips and brought out my phone to dangle in front of her.

Sophia’s face instantly lost its colors. She grabbed the confused Holley’s hand and pulled her away.

I smirked.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, the moment that girl brought out her phone, Sophia just walked out.”

There were still whispers and glances thrown our way until the introductory event started.

Zoe nudged and stared at me with probing eyes. “How did you even became enemies with Holley Goldwood?”

“She thinks that I stole Cain Fay from her.” I merely said, my gaze focused on the stage.

Zoe raised her eyebrow. “THE Cain Fay? Okay, I won’t even ask how you met the elusive man, but Cain Fay doesn’t even like her.”

I gave her a long sidelong glanced and grinned at her.

“How do you know?”

Duh! I was practically dragged at Holley’s birthday party every year. And the last five years they’ve been engaged, Cain Fay could only be seen together with her on her birthday. And anyone who had eyes could see that the man didn’t even have an ounce of interest in her. He’d rather focus all his attention on his laptop. The whole party, he was just sitting all alone, typing on his laptop like he was just a stranger, accidentally stumbled his way there. He didn’t even kiss nor greeted her. I’m practically amazed that he didn’t break the engagement much early on.”

I giggled. I could almost see the cold, indifferent man doing just that.

After the introductory event, Zoe and I exchanged numbers.

“What’s with this ridiculous, unfair schedules?!” She exclaimed when we were about to part ways, going to our respective buildings.

“You just have three classes a week, and I have like five, and you have so many free times!”

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Art is a difficult subject.”

“So is linguistic.”

She groaned. “My building is this way. Let’s have lunch together later.”


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