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Chapter 42: Unsheathe

“Oh my god! I can’t believe that the Jansen’s family Princess is also attending our university!”

“I’m so glad that I decided to enroll here.”

“Wait till I messaged this to my friends. They’ll be so jealous that they wish they could transfer schools.”

Whispers resounded, yet Emery appeared not to hear anything. With her natural grace and poise, she slowly walked towards the hall.

“I wonder if I can just have an ounce of her lady nature… I will be accepted….” Zoe whispered. She said it so low. However, I still caught a bit of it.

I pretended that I didn’t hear anything and walked towards the hall. Zoe quickly followed behind.

Murmurs, buzzing noises and diverse unfamiliar crowds greeted us inside the large hall.

I roamed my eyes and instantly spotted Holley, Sophia, Nixon, and Rowan together with other students surrounding Emery.

I shifted my gaze and roamed my eyes some more.




I was hoping to find a familiar face, but all I saw were children of influential politicians, celebrities, and tycoons.

Their where some that were ordinary circling at the far corner of the room. They were easily distinguishable with all the rich kids forming their own cliques and circles.

I guess no one knows how to discriminate themselves than the ones being discriminated.

“Do you know anyone here?” I asked Zoe.

“Yes, but I’m not exactly close to them.” She shyly admitted.

I frowned.

“You know. You can be yourself if you’re with me. No need to act all goody-goody with me. It just makes me shiver with all the awkwardness.”

Zoe solemnly stared at me. Then she grinned showing her canine and white teeth. She shrugged her shoulders, and instantly, her whole demure aura faded as it was replaced by a wild, untamed lioness.

“You know… Nick broke off our engagement last night.”

I didn’t respond.

“We found him and that whore together at the upper toilet. He was brought to the hospital saying that he tripped and fell badly and needed some time to recuperate. While I was worrying about the asshole, he dropped a bomb at me and broke our engagement. He said it would damage my reputation if we announce it at the start of the school, so we’ll wait for a month to break the news. That bastard!” Zoe said in one breathe through gritted teeth.

I snickered. “And what do you think?”

Zoe creased her eyebrows.

“I think that asshole just wanted to save his face. Announcing the broken engagement while people just saw him and that slut together all alone. Who do you think he’s kidding?!”

“Did you cry?” I teasingly asked.

Zoe frowned.

“I want to, but the tears just practically won’t shed no matter how hard I wanted them to fall. At first, I thought I was in love with him, so I became everything that he wanted me to be. I even grew my hair long! Urkk! Thinking about it now. I was so stupid.”

Zoe made a disgusting face as she stuck her tongue out.

“Now, I only feel regret that I wasted too much time on him.”

She crossed her arms and sighed. “I’m curious as to why now though. Why would he suddenly break the engagement if he doesn’t want to announce it yet.”

Instead of answering her, I brought out my phone

“Give me your e-mail.”

Zoe looked at me confused, yet she still typed her email on my phone. Then her phone vibrated and she checked her email.

She stared at me in surprise and amazement. Her grin was so wide that it would probably rip her lips apart.

“Do whatever you want with it.” I coolly said.

She smiled freely and wickedly.

“Ooohh~ Sweet revenge!”

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