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Chapter 40: School


I woke up from the warm kisses on my face and saw Cain smiling at me. I returned his smile and resumed my sleep.


Leanna, its already five in the morning. Your school starts today,” he said, voice above a whisper.


Nghhh . . . ,” I groaned in protest.


Cain planted small kisses on my face while I giggled at the ticklish feeling.


I cant get out of bed . . . Ive already gained the pillows and blankets support . . . If I leave now, I might lose their faith in me . . .” I said, voice thick with laziness.


Cain stifled a laugh.

Leanna, youll be late. You have an introductory event at seven, remember?


Ughh . . . Do I really have to go? I would rather stay at home and do nothing . . . looking like shit.”


Cain chuckled as he shook his head.


Arent you excited?


At first. But when its here, Im too lazy to attend.”


Cain showered me with kisses before he removed my blanket and carried me inside the bathroom while I snuggled myself on his warm chest.


He nestled me in a warm lemon honey-scented bathtub overflowing with bubbles and let him removed my clothes.


Remove your underwear,” he commanded, repressing the gruffness in his voice.


I didnt know why it sounded so sexy when he said that, and my lips kicked up a naughty smile.


Im not wearing one.”


I melted in his burning gaze.


You didnt wear one? he said, voice trembling and I knew he was trying to control himself.


I dont wear underwear to sleep. Thought you knew? I purred, biting my lower lip.


Cain tightly closed his eyes and kissed my forehead before he went out of the bathroom.


Be good and wash yourself. Ill be in the other room.”


Mmm . . .” I pouted, my heart swelled in disappointment.


Cain smiled as he shook his head, leaving me alone in the bathroom.

Len-Len, dont forget, be nice and always have a smile on your face. Dont come home late. Wear a jacket as the weather there turns cold at night. Dont associate yourself with––


Mom, I know. I got it. I have to go. Its already six. The introductory event starts at seven,” I cut her short.


My mothers eyes turned misty. She covered her mouth, stopping herself from crying.


Oh . . . My little girl is starting college, and Im not there to prepare her lunch boxes,” she choked, sobbing and crying nonstop.


Mom, Im not an elementary student anymore. They have a cafeteria in there.”


My mother howled loudly than before. Fortunately, my father shoved her to the side.


Leanna, you should go. Remember, dont come home late and dont go out to party at night.”


I smiled at them. Yes, dad. Where are the twins? I want to see them before I go.”


My father and mother glanced at each other in silent understanding. My brows met in one line and knew that something was up.


My father cleared his throat. The twins are doing fine. They went to school early. You dont have to worry about them.”


My eyebrow rose. Youre hiding something from me.


I didnt push the matter anymore as my parents swiftly said their goodbyes and logged off.


How suspicious.


I stood to my feet and seized my Rodeo Randoseru backpack, turned to exit my room and saw Cain leisurely leaning against the door frame.


I beamed at him.


Lets go.”

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