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Chapter 38: Initiate


You and Holley were engaged for five years,” I mumbled.


Cain briefly paused before he resumed typing on his laptop, unaffected by the bitterness in my voice.


Theres nothing between Holley and me. We met five times in that five years, and all of it was on her birthday,” he said, repressing the contempt in his tone.


The way he spoke had me thinking that he only answered my question because it was me who asked. If it was another, he might not spend even a tiny energy to open his mouth.


I was relieved. Just hearing the revulsion in his voice was enough indication that he didnt have an ounce of feeling towards the girl.

I looked over at his handsome face.


It was already eight in the evening, and we were sitting on my bed, both leaning against the headrest. My head was resting on his shoulder. He was busy typing something on his laptop, and I was occupied eating Haagen-Dazs macadamia ice cream, feeding him from time to time while watching a movie.


You know, I never said this to you, but we accidentally met yesterday, and she told me about how you would always attend her piano performances,” I said, didnt care that I was complaining like a little girl who had been wronged.


I did,” Cain replied. She always performs piano on her birthday.”




I thought as much.


“. . . Did she . . . ,” Cain trailed, unsure how to say his next words, “. . . did anything to you?


Nothing that I cant handle.”


Mmmm . . . Just do whatever you want. Ill always have your back,” he whispered.


I snuggled closer to him and stared lovingly at his face.


. . .


. . .


What is it? he asked, eyes still on his laptop.


Nothing. I just really visually enjoy you,” I chortled, tone teasing.


Cain finally captured me in his eyes, face warm with affections.


Are you flirting with me? He flashed me a toothy smile that even my panties fell for him at sight.


I want to see you flustered.”


Im always flustered when Im with you.”


Hmm . . .” My lips puckered. Hard to say . . . ,” I slurred and licked my lips.


Cains attention flicked to my mouth. His eyes glint with lust, ready to devour it at any moment.


I got to my knees, grabbed his laptop, and put it on the bedside table. His expression burned with desire as I straddled him on the bed. His hands wrapped around my waist. I caressed his face, running my fingers through his hair as I lowered my lips to his.


I graze our mouth, teasingly. My tongue flicked, licking the shape of his mouth before I bit his lower lip, gently pulling it.


At first, he was surprised by my aggressiveness. But soon, his surprise turned to happiness and excitement. It was the first time that I initiated the kiss. I have to! This man just said those ridiculous vows, and I knew he was the type who wouldnt go back on his words.


It was a good thing that he was making it up to me by letting me do what I wanted to him. Giving me freedom as I teased and played his mouth.


I sucked his lips before I pushed my tongue inside his throat. I leaned closer, embracing his neck and tugged his hair as I pressed my bottom against his groin. Then I trailed wet marks down his throat before I bit his collarbone.

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