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Chapter 38: Initiate

“You and Holley were engaged for five years.” I murmured.

Cain paused, then he resumed typing on his laptop, unaffected by my bitter voice.

Slightly frowning, he answered. “There’s nothing between Holley and me. We met five times in that five years, and all of it was on her birthday.” He said with a disgusted and contemptuous tone.

I immediately felt relieved. Just hearing the disgust in his voice was enough to know that he didn’t have even an ounce of feeling towards the girl.

I raised my head to look at his handsome cold face.

It was already eight in the evening, and we were currently sitting on my bed, both leaning against the headrest. My head, resting on his shoulder.

He was busy typing something on his laptop, and I was occupied eating Haagen-Dazs macadamia ice cream. Feeding him from time to time while watching a movie.

“You know, I never said this to you, but we accidentally met yesterday, and she told me about how you would always attend her piano performances.” I started to complain like a little girl that had been wronged.

“I did. She always performs piano on her birthday.”


I thought as much.

“………. Did she… do anything to you?”

“Nothing that I can’t handle.”

“Mmmm…, just do whatever you want, I’ll always have your back,” he whispered.

I snuggled closer against him as I stared lovingly at him.



“What is it?” He asked, yet he was still looking at his laptop.

“I just want to say that I visually enjoy you.” I teasingly chortled.

Cain finally turned his head and gave me a warm look.

“Are you flirting with me?” He gave me a toothy smile that even my panties fell for him.

“I want to see you get flustered.”

“I’m always flustered when I’m with you.”

“Hmm……. hard to say…” I seriously looked at him as I slowly licked my lips.

Cain’s eyes glint with lust as he stared at my lips, ready to devour it at any moment.

I slowly got up, grabbed his laptop and put it on the bedside table.

His eyes were burning with desire as I straddled him on the bed. His arms automatically surrounded my waist. I gently caressed his face and ran my fingers through his hair as I slowly lowered my lips to his.

I teased his soft lips, licking, biting and rubbing.

At first, he seemed surprised by my aggressiveness, then his surprise quickly turned to happiness and excitement.

It was the first time that I initiated the kiss. I have to, this man just practically said those ridiculous vows, and I knew that he was the kind of man that wouldn’t go back on his words.

He just let me do what I wanted, let me teased and played with him.

I licked and bit his lips some more before my tongue entered his mouth. I leaned in closer, embracing his neck and tugged his hair while I positioned my bottom against his groin as I continued to kiss him lower.

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