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Chapter 37: Cheating


Maybe because of what happened to me in my previous life that every time I saw someone cheating, I wanted to give that person a taste of retribution.


I waited in the hallway for the two to finish their business. After almost twenty minutes, Sophia came out from the toilet, looking frail and innocent like always. However, her hair and dress were disheveled.


She was shocked to see me before a sweet smile graced her lips, pretending nothing was wrong.


Leanna, are you waiting for someone?


I answered with a calm voice and impassive face, “I am waiting for a slut and a cheater to come out from the mens toilet.”

Sophia turned around, finding if there were others behind her. Her eyes bulged when she realized that she was the one I was referring to. Her smile fell while her face turned white.


Y-youre accusing me of being a slut? She pointed at herself with dramatic movements. Her eyes dampened like she was about to cry.


Who is she acting?


Youre not a slut? I said, eyes wide with fake curiosity. Soooo are you like a missionary bimbo or something? Because the last time I check, the man youre fucking is already engaged.”


Sophia, realizing her frail, innocent image, and acting doesnt affect me, she reverted to her real bitchy self. She placed her hands on her waist, raised her eyebrow, and stared down at me.


The last time I checked, its none of your business who I am fucking with,” she scoffed. You know what, Holley and I hate you. And thats the truth. Youre the whore who seduces Cain Fay from her.”


I smiled. What can I say? The man has good taste.”


Sophia raised her hand to slap me when Nicholas came out of the toilet. Like she had a double personality, she was back to being frail and innocent again.


How can you be so mean? Nicholas and I are truly in love with each other. We cant help it. Its my fault. I-I shouldnt have done it. Hes my sisters fiancé, after all.” She sobbed, and fat tears rolled from her cheeks.


Nicholas was stunned for a moment. After processing what happened, he went to Sophias side and embraced her.


Leanna, its not Sophias fault. I was the one who approached her first, and before we know it, we fell in love with each other. I was already planning to break the engagement with Zoe. Im just waiting for an opportunity, so I appreciate it if you dont tell anyone. Ill break the news myself.” Nicholass expression was cramped with regret and changed to one of doting as he stared at Sophia while the latter cried in his arms.


My eyebrow arched so high. It probably went up to my head.


Thats it?


They paused, focused shifted on me.


Nicholas caught his tongue as he stared at me in confusion. W-what else––


After Zoe wasted her time on you. Her love for you. After you fooled her and cheated behind her back, youll just say break the engagement,’ and then youll live happily ever after just like that?


I sneered. I wanted to spit near his feet, but my saliva is reserved for Cain.


Nicholas frowned. Leanna, you dont want to mess with us. Just me alone can make your family suffer.”


The corner of my lips hooked in a sly smile. You should have learned your lesson by now,” I said and played the recording in my phone the moment Sophia walked out from the toilet.


All colors drained from their faces.


Nicholas released Sophia and bolted in my direction to snatch my phone, but I grabbed his hand, kicked his leg, and threw him on the floor.


Nick! Sophia screamed.


But I was not done yet. My anger was raging like a bull with the red flag in front of its eyes.


I kicked him hard in the groin.




Nicholas screamed sliced throughout the whole gallery while Sophia was paralyzed as she watched the entire scene in horror.


Hmp! Count your luck that I didnt wear pointy shoes.”


I shot a sharp glare at the shaking Sophia before exiting the gallery. Along the way, people ascended the stairs, curious about the screams and ruckus I created.

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