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Chapter 36: Embrace

“Leanna, I’ll pay you the hundred thousand dollars as compensation for this mess up. Why don’t you let this matter go? I don’t want to see my fiancée’s family auction event get ruined.” Nicholas’s voice remained calm and pleading.

“Young master Farrell is a fine young man.”

“Indeed, if he had just been single, I would marry him to my daughter.”

“Such a waste.”

I smiled sweetly at Nicholas. “Two hundred thousand dollars Mr. Farrell, don’t forget the painting.”

Nicholas’s face twitched, trying to control his anger before he forced out a relieved smile. “Done then.”

“I hope you won’t go back on your words. You just clearly saw what happens if someone tries to cross me.” I threatened.

Nicholas just smiled, and the whole room instantly returned to its former atmosphere.

Another replaced the auctioneer. The latter seemed to have fainted from too much stimulation.

After two more paintings were sold, the auction finally ended.

People gathered around Arnold and Emma Collin along with Holley and Nixon.

I had taken the opportunity to sneakily made my way towards the restroom. But before I did, Zoe grabbed my hand.

“Thank you for buying my painting.”

She looked at me with an intensity that I didn’t saw before in her eyes.

“Did you invite me to this auction for the reason that you knew this would happen?”

Zoe stared at me for a moment before she guiltily nodded her pretty head.

Then she sighed and released my arm.

“You probably already notice that I’m not accepted in my family nor in high society. My mother died, and my father remarried. Sophia is my stepsister, but not by blood. When my father remarried, Emma already had Sophia from her first husband. It was supposed to be Sophia’s charity event, but she dragged me into it. Wanting me to be the laughing stock in front of this many people. I can’t let that happen, so I was glad to know that someone took notice of my painting.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And exactly why are you telling me this?”

“Because… I wanted you to know why I did it. I’m sorry I dragged you into this. You got humiliated together with me instead.”

“Do I look like I was humiliated to you?”

She smiled.

“No…. I wish I can be as carefree as you….,” she whispered.

I stared at her sympathetically.

“You know, you smile a lot, talk a lot, yet you never seem to be having any real fun. You can’t prevent people from gossiping about you, might as well give them something to gossip about, right? Just like your paintings, be wild and rebellious. Embrace your craziness and live each day like it’s your last.”

I winked at her, then I turned around and quickly left for the restroom leaving her stunned and confused behind.

When I reached the restroom, I frowned to find that it was crowded.

I seemed to recall that there was another toilet upstairs when I checked the fire exit layout of the building.

Couldn’t hold the forces of nature anymore, I quickly went up and breathed a sigh of relief when there was no one at the moment.

After doing my business, I was about to descend the stairs when the corner of my eyes caught a reflection of two people kissing and hugging inside the men’s toilet before quickly opening a cubicle and shut it closed.

I blinked.

Rapidly, all the blood rushed to my head as my nose fumed with anger.

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