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Chapter 34: Auction

I didn’t even want to ask why Zoe looked nothing like her mother and Sophia.

Too much drama. Best avoid it.

I sighed.

I lowered my head a little, so they wouldn’t notice me taking a peek at Cain’s pictures on my phone when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Sophia gave a wink at my direction before turning her gaze at the stage.

I raised an eyebrow.

I slowly shifted my gaze to look at Zoe, but the latter just kept on staring at the stage, afraid to even blink. Then I gazed at the man beside her and saw him grinning at Sophia’s direction.

Ahhh….too complicated.

I sighed again.

I was going to resume taking a peek at Cain’s pictures when the monitor flashed Zoe’s painting that was exhibited outside the hall.

“Next, we have a painting made by Zoe Collin’s. The price starts at five thousand dollars.”

Okay, I wouldn’t even comment at the auctioneer’s lacked of introduction on the painting compared to Sophia’s, but why the hell was the price so low? The size and style alone was worth a hundred thousand no less even for an amateur painter.

The people mockingly laughed, and I sensed that Zoe tensed up.

Ohh…. so that’s why she’s been uneasy.

Although the price was low compared to Sophia’s ridiculous starting price, no one bid for it.

What’s wrong with this people? Don’t they have eyes?!

Finally, Zoe turned to look at Nicholas. The latter, sensing her distress signal, raised his hand.

“Ten thousand dollars.”

I rolled my eyes.

Useless piece of dick!!

The people mockingly laughed again. Sophia and Holley snickered while covering their mouths.

I frowned and raised my hand.

“Hundred thousand dollars.”

I ignored the gasped around me while maintaining my expressionless face.

Zoe immediately gave me a thank you smile.

“I already said, I like your paintings,” I chimed simply.

“Hundred thousand going once… going twice… Sold to number forty-seven!!”

“Who’s that?”

“Which family did she come from?”

“I don’t know. It’s my first time seeing her.”

Murmurs resounded in the room. At the corner of my eyes, I saw Sophia whispered something to her father.

Sophia raised her hand at the auctioneer, and the latter sprinted towards the girl. Then Sophia whispered something to him, and the auctioneer nodded then went at the center stage once more.

The auctioneer fixed his tie as he stared at me with scrutinizing eyes like I was some kind of a piece waiting to be auctioned.

“Number forty-seven, someone just tipped us that you don’t have the money to pay one hundred thousand dollars. This auction is a charity event, and the rule is that, cash or cheque must be paid on the spot upon winning. Even though you’re young, you can still get convicted for trying to lie and bid without money.”

“What?! She doesn’t have money, but she still dared to bid? Young people these days.”

“Just look at her. You can tell that she doesn’t have a hundred thousand dollars with her.”

“Little girls should be banned next time from participating in these kinds of events.”

The auctioneer motioned for the guards standing at the corner of the spacious hall.

“May we ask the guards to take this young girl out and detain her in one of the rooms while we wait for the authorities to question her.”

Zoe abruptly stood up. “She’s my friend. You can’t just take her.”

“Young miss, it will serve as a lesson to her and for others that will try the same prank. This charity auction is serious business. We are already ashamed that we let someone like her participate in this prestigious event without doing a background check first.”

“And what if I have the money?” I calmly rebutted as I crossed my legs as if this whole charade didn’t have anything to do with me.

The room instantly turned dead silent.

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