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Chapter 33: Complicated

I stared at her hand and instantly felt light.

I smiled and shook her hand.

“Leanna Lee.”

Zoe returned my smile, “what do you think of the painting, Leanna?”

I turned to look at the painting.

“Rebellious and wild,” I said simply and then turned to look at her. “If I don’t know any better, I would think that a man had painted it. Not expecting it to be an innocent frail looking lady.” I teasingly added.

Zoe smiled, yet her smile didn’t reach her eyes.


We turned around and saw a gorgeous, well-built man with brunet hair, walking towards us.

The man was so eye-catching that all the ladies, even the older ones, paused to take a long glanced at him.

Wait, I saw him on the newspaper. He was there at the signing of a billion-dollar joint venture with Jansen Corp.

Zoe sweetly smiled at him and instantly wrapped her fingers around the man’s fingers.

“Leanna, this is my fiancé, Nicholas Farrell. Nick, meet Leanna Lee.” Zoe stared at Nicholas like a love-struck fool, totally forgetting all about me.

Nicholas extended his arm, and I subtly shook it.

“Leanna Lee? How come it’s only the first time I see you here in New Haven?” Nicholas smiled while staring at me, wanting to find out who I ‘am.

I gave a polite smile. “I just arrived here in New Haven yesterday.”

Nicholas gave an ‘oh’ look, then he turned towards Zoe.

“Your parents have been looking for you. It’s time to start the auction.”

Zoe’s eyes flashed with bitterness at the mention of her parents, then it instantly vanished.

Zoe turned around to gaze at me. “Leanna, come with me to the auction hall.”

I should have refused. But then again, I couldn’t help myself seeing that pleading and helplessness in her deep blue eyes.

I nodded.

The three of us went towards a vast hall and sat on the front row seat. Zoe motioned for me to sat beside her which I obliged.

In front of us was the stage and beside the stage were the reserved seats for the Collin’s family.

I could see Sophia and two middle age people, must be their parents, sitting comfortably together with Holley and Nixon.

I was bewildered why Zoe didn’t take the seat beside her family, but just decided to shrugged the matter off.

Not my problem.

It was not even thirty minutes that the auction started, yet I was already bored out senseless at the auction of paintings all done by Sophia. Although the arts were indeed beautiful, however, it seemed so pretentious to me like the one who painted it.

I never once did claim to be a virtuous person. In fact, I was quite a petty person when it came to people who crossed me.

I glanced at Zoe who had a blank expression, staring intently at the stage, droplets of sweat on her nose and forehead even though the room was cold.

Restroom maybe?

I ignored her and roamed my gaze in front.

I caught a glimpse of hatred in Holley’s eyes before it turned all smiles, gazing intently at me.

I ignored her and looked at Sophia instead, then looked at Zoe. Then I looked at the middle age woman who was a counterpart of older Sophia. Then looked at the middle age man that slightly resembled Zoe, and finally rested my eyes on the girl beside me.

I subtly shook my head.


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