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Chapter 32: Zoe Collin


I was admiring the classic architecture of New Haven in my car when I noticed a modern structure in the middle of all these historical buildings, which stuck out like a bruised pollex.


The Gallery


I was on my way home after I finished shopping for groceries, and the out of place building caught me to a stop. I checked the time; it was still early and I drove towards the buildings parking lot.


In the basement, expensive and luxury cars lined the parking space.


Maybe there is an exhibit?

I shrugged and made my way in the elevator going to the main lobby.


Cocktail dresses and three-piece suits greeted me the moment the elevator dinged open. Without waiting for my brain to process what was going on, I turned to leave when a familiar annoying voice stopped me.


Leanna, funny meeting you here.”


I groaned, eyes up in heaven. Really?!


Sophias beautiful, alluring self approached me, wearing a white bodycon dress, highlighting her curves while still looking like a frail and innocent bashful lady.


What a coincidence, bumping on to you. Are you here for my exhibit and auction? Sophia smiled, and the whole room turned bright


No, I was just curious. Im on my way back home actually.”


Before I could make a scram for it, Sophia grabbed my hand and pulled me into the exhibit room. I sighed, eyes rolling up when the people from yesterday, with the absence of Rowan, was standing there looking all pretty.


Holley was surprised when she saw me before she flashed a fake smile, and swayed in our direction. Nixon was blunter in showing his contempt. Still, he followed Holley anyways.


Leanna, what a coincidence, meeting you here.” Holley beamed like she was meeting a long lost friend.


Yeah, the last time I saw you, I was hoping it would be the last,” I said with a plastic smile.


They were stunned for a moment. Taking the opportunity, I made my way into the lobby when a certain lone painting halt me to a stop. I was going to inspect it, but in the corner of my eye, Holley and her gang were gaining on me.


Why cant they just leave me alone?


A mouthful of exhaled air relaxed my muscles when a bunch of men and women blocked their way, apparently wanting to make their acquaintances. Grabbing the opportunity, I blended myself into the crowds and made my way towards that painting.


It was a lone white flower surrounded by colorful ones. It was wild, untamed blossom which stood out from the rest –– just like the whole canvas stood out from the other paintings beside it.




I didnt know what to think that Sophia was ZC.


How can an image-loving girl paint something so wild and rebellious?


You like it?


Said a pretentious girly voice.


I turned to see a girl not older than me in a simple white shift dress. Her long hair was simply tied in a ponytail. Her small face gave off a feeling of purity and innocence, which couldnt hurt a fly. She was pretty like an angel and innocent looking like an infant.


My eyelid twitched.


Yes. But unfortunately, Sophia painted it,” I said.


She giggled. Oh . . . , this may be Sophias exhibit, but I painted this one.”


My attention snapped at her, expression confused.


She extended her hand and smiled.


My name is Zoe Collin.”

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