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Chapter 31: Ridiculous

His name is Russell, and he will be the next head of young master Cain Fay’s personal guards, next to his old man.

Since young, he was trained to kill and adapt to numerous environments and situations.

He had done many underhanded dealings, assassinations, tortures and other dirty things all for the name of his young master.

Young master Cain Fay was a person he put on a pedestal. His young master was ruthless, cold, aloof and calculating. He was like an immortal without flaws sent to the mortal world.

Right now, there was no one Russell wanted to kill more than young mistress Leanna Lee for shattering his young master’s Godly image.

His young master being all gooey eyed, he could endure.

His young master surrounded by flying pink hearts and sunshine, he could tolerate.

His young master being unreasonable and over the top, he could comply.

His young master, wearing an elementary backpack, looking like an old man just starting primary school, he could turn a blind eye.

But this!


THIS is too much!!


S-s-someone! Please! Kill me! Kill me now! While I still have a bit of young master’s Godly image left!!




The conference room was eerily quiet. At the large rectangular table seated four gorgeous men dressed in their stunning three-piece suit.

Zhane, Clyde, and Fin looked at each other. Cold sweat, running from their backs and palms. They didn’t know how many times they secretly glanced at Cain, wanting to see if the man seated at the center table was an imposter.

Finally, Zhane couldn’t take it anymore. His trembling hand reached for a glass of water as he wet his dry lips and throat before turning towards his friend and said with a trembling voice.

“C-C-Cain, a-are you…”

Zhane paused, then he gulped.

“W-wearing make-up…?”

Cain turned to look at Zhane. His frosty eyes made Zhane slightly jumped from his seat.

“Yes I ‘am,” Cain said with a straight indifferent face that made it look like wearing make-up was the trendiest thing to do.

The three men gasped. They didn’t know if they should laugh their teeth’s out or be scared silly from the way their friend was acting.

“W-why?” Fin asked, trying to control the tone of his voice.

Cain raised an eyebrow.

“My wife put it on me,” Cain answered in a warm voice that instantly made the three men shivered in disbelief.

Zhane summoned all his courage and slammed the table. “C-C-Cain! Princess is still a minor!! She can’t be your wife yet!!”

Cain’s pupils constricted so hard that only a dot could be seen as pitch dark, murderous air started to emanate from him.

While trembling, Zhane scooted over to Clyde for protection.

“It’s only a matter of time,” Cain snapped with gritted teeth. He didn’t want to be reminded that he and Leanna were not yet married.

“Cain, I know that you’re currently enjoying the new found feelings you have for Leanna, but why did you let her put eyeshadows on you?” Clyde subtly shook his head.

“My wife said my eyes would look more glistening.” Cain nonchalantly answered like asking that question was so stupid.



Clyde closed his eyes and massaged his temples.

“…. Okaaay… Why a blush on?”

“I look pale. It would add more color.” Cain gently smiled as he softly caressed his cheek, seemingly remembering the time that Leanna had put the make-up on.



Zhane shivered so hard that he almost fell out from his seat. He embraced himself trying to rubbed off all the goosebumps on his body.

Clyde raised his hands in surrender. “……I don’t even want to ask about the lip gloss.”

Cain slyly smiled and leaned on his leather chair.

“I’m glad you asked. My wife said that the weather is cold and dry, it will cause the lips to crack. Thus, she put lip gloss on me to protect my lips.” Cain smugly said like he had been waiting for someone to ask this question so he could show off on how Leanna was so caring towards him.

The three men gaped with drop jaws. They couldn’t believe that a girl could damage their friend to this extent. They didn’t know if they should tell Cain that Leanna was lying to him or that she was fooling him.

Either way, what they have seen couldn’t be unseen anymore.

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