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Chapter 30: Revenge



“Why are you still angry?”

“I’m not.” I hissed.

“Then why are you glaring at me?”

“This is how I usually look at you.”



Cain sighed, then he embraced me tightly, not saying a word.

We stayed like that for who knew how long until my anger and disappointment dissipated.

It’s not his fault, alright?! You should be happy that he’s treating you so well.

I sighed and finally hugged him back.

Sensing that I was no longer angry, he gave me a loving look.

We stared at each other, our forehead touching, our nose hovered at one another before we chuckled like idiots.

I watched Cain seemingly in a trance as he gets his things ready for his work inside one of the empty bedrooms of my unit.

This man is so perfect that it makes me annoyed sometimes.

It’s not fair that I’m the only one who is flustered all the time!

Then a mischievous smile formed on my lips.

I went out and grabbed the shopping bags at my room and hurriedly went back to his room.

“Cain…, I have something for you.” I sweetly smiled at him and gave him the coat and the neckties.

Cain looked at me full of happiness and love that I almost felt guilty on what I was going to do next.

“Thank you… can you put it on for me?”

I nodded and tiptoed my way to removed his necktie and replaced it with the one I bought. Then I helped him put on the coat.

I gasped and clasped my hands in delight. “It looks so good on you!”

Cain gently smiled, “anything you get me will look good on me.”

I stared at him with playful eyes.

“Then you will wear anything I give you?”

“Of course.” He answered without a second thought.

I jumped excitedly.

“It so happens that I bought a bag that would match your coat!”

I pulled out a Rodeo Randoseru backpack that elementary children used for school.

“I have one too! See!”

I pulled out another Rodeo Randoseru backpack.

“This will be my school bag going to the university. We will have a matching pair!”

“Or we can alternate between these colors!”

I pulled out two more Rodeo Randoseru backpack. One deep brown and the other deep blue.

I looked at him expectantly, wanting to see him flustered.

Cain slowly walked towards me and grabbed the backpack.

“Thank you. I love it.” He kissed my cheek and stared at me more lovingly than before.

Then he went to removed his things from his bag and gently put it inside the backpack, slowly and carefully, afraid to damage the leather.


Well, that didn’t work.

I frowned and licked my lips as I came over to his side.



I tilted my head and put my fingers on my chin, pretending to be thinking about something.

“You know, isn’t your face a bit…… pale?”

“Yes it is.”

I grinned at him.

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