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Chapter 3: Rescue

Dark clouds and thunder loomed at our table as the women opposite me were trying to murder me with their glares.

I shook my head, “no need.” Then, pointed at a painting near the bar counter. “Mind if I take a look at that for a moment?”

Zhander glanced at the direction where I was pointing, then he locked his gaze on mine, “alright.”

“Well then everyone, I’ll be right back.” I stood up and walked towards the painting that caught my attention from the moment we entered the club.

Zhander’s eyes followed Leanna as she slowly strode towards the painting. When he noticed that she became engrossed with it, he finally retracted his gaze and turned to look at Knoll.

“You, let’s talk for a moment.” Zhander stood up and walked towards the bar counter, leaving the others behind, but making sure to glanced at Leanna’s direction every so often.

Knoll felt Zhander’s deadly aura. Cold sweat immediately formed on his back and palms.

“Why the hell are you here?!” Zhander’s tone was low and icy, trying to held his anger after Knoll and he made it to the bar counter at the far end, opposite to where Leanna was.

Knoll was instantly overcome with fear. His hands began to shook.

“I-I can explain!! It was a last minute decision! Someone tip Saoirse that you’ve made a reservation here! You know how she is! She’s still crazily in love with you!! The manager was constantly reminding us that the table was already reserved for you, but Saoirse threatened him. And I immediately contacted you the moment the manager said your name, but you didn’t pick up. I even messaged you!”

Zhander didn’t notice his phone because at that time, he was too happy and excited to spend the night with Leanna that he put his phone on silent mode so no one could disturb them.

Instantly, his face turned dark, and with the dim light, it only looked more menacing.

Knoll took a step back – shaking. “P-please don’t kill me!! Remember that we’re friends! Remember how we used to help each other in college! Remember when I drank too much and you—-!”


Zhander hissed before taking out his phone to make a call.

Knoll sighed in relief. He got to live another day. He took the opportunity to get back to his seat while Zhander was still busy talking with his phone.

Knoll was just meters away from their table when he noticed that Saoirse was trying to give Leanna a drink.

Knoll’s heart immediately sank. His mind blanked out. His adrenaline rushed inside his body and was about to stop Saoirse when a charming, beautiful young lady knocked the bottle from Saoirse’s hand – spilling its contents onto Leanna’s dress.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!! Let’s go to the toilet! Quick~!”

A voice that sounded like a cheerful harp came out from the lips of that charming, beautiful young girl.

Knoll didn’t know what happened next as the charming young lady pulled Leanna into the toilet, away from the prying eyes of the onlookers.

She was so bored.

Her high school friends proposed to celebrate here one last time before they went to their respective Universities.

It was not even eight, and yet she wanted to go home.

She was about to say her goodbyes when a striking handsome male and a pretty young girl entered the club.

Her eyes instantly sparkled.

She took out her phone to stole a picture of the two newcomers and messaged it to her brother.


[Me: Look who I found 😘]

[ColdEmperor: I’m coming]


She suddenly giggled which made her female classmates confused and her male classmates bewitched.

All along, she kept herself entertained at observing the pretty girl.

When she saw that the girl walked towards a painting, she contemplated whether to approach the girl or not when her phone vibrated.


[ColdEmperor: I’m here,

make her come into the toilet]


She smirked.

Piece of Cake.

She grabbed her drink and made her way towards the girl when the latter returned to her table.

Determined, she followed the girl towards her table and noticed that a woman offered her a drink.

One look and she could tell that the beverage was drugged.

Taking the opportunity, she dashed towards the pretty girl’s table and ‘accidentally’ knocked the bottle from the woman’s clutches.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!! Let’s go to the toilet! Quick~!”

She pulled the girl’s hand, not giving the pretty girl a chance to retaliate as she quickly strode towards the toilet – a playful smile on her lips.

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