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Chapter 29: Disappointed

It was already eight in daylight when I went out of my room. Already finished taking a bath and changed to a simple long sleeve shirt and fitted trousers.

I saw Cain dressed in his three-piece suit, leisurely drinking tea at the dining table. I also saw an additional yellow rose in the vase at the table together with the other roses he gave me.

His wet hair and after bath smell was so sexy that I couldn’t help my body heating up once more.

I frowned and ignored him.

I went to the shopping bags in the living area and started to unpacked and placed them in their proper places.

“You’re angry.”

I ignored him once again and continued what I was doing.


I pretended that I didn’t hear him.


I sensed him stood up from his chair and walked towards me.

I treated him like air and walked past him to go towards the dining area. He followed me around, not uttering a word much to my irritation.

When I finally unpacked and placed all the things in its proper places, I grabbed the remaining shopping bags and went straight to my room – slamming the door shut.

I knew I was being a brat, but I couldn’t help it!

My temper is at its worst when I’m angry. I didn’t want to speak to him. Afraid that I would just shout and say hurtful words at him.

It is best if I let myself cool down first.

But unfortunately for me, Cain didn’t want to leave me and my temper alone.


He embraced me from behind and kissed my ear.

My body gave out its usual respond that only this man could induce.

“Let go!” I hissed.

“I know you’re disappointed. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have led you on like that.” He whispered softly, trying to appeased my anger.

But instead, it made me even angrier!

I bit my lower lip, trying not to lash out at him. But this man seemed to be adamant on making me want to shout at him.

“Leanna…, talk to me…”

“Let go!” I struggled from his embrace, yet his hands only tightened – not letting go.

“Leanna… please…. don’t be angry anymore….” He gave me that husky pleading voice that I was weak against.

My legs instantly lost its strength. Good thing that he was holding me or else, I would automatically slump straight on the floor.

His pleading and sorry voice instantly worked like magic!

*sigh… My resolve, can you please be more determined?

“From this day forth, don’t lead me on if you’re not going to follow through.”


“Don’t grab me and rip my clothes if you’re just going to leave me hanging.”


“Don’t touch my breasts nor poke me if you’re not going to make love to me.”


Alright, I’d admit that I was like a frustrated old woman wanting sex so badly.

But I couldn’t help it!

I was so disappointed and angry that after I was led on like that, he would just instantly drop me from heaven to hell.

He tightly embraced me and kissed my hair.

“From now on, I won’t do all those things until we’re married.”



Wait, What?!!

He made me turned around to face him.

“I will only hug and kiss you and won’t do anymore beyond that until you are of legal age.” He softly said with a serious face.

Wait!! Wait!! Didn’t you understand the meaning behind of what I just said?!!

“I will treasure your body until we are married.” He smiled and embraced me gently.



I don’t want you to freakin’ treasure my body!! I WANT YOU TO MAKE LOVE TO ME RIGHT NOW!! RIGHT NOW!! YA’ HEAR ME?!!!

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