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Chapter 27: Vixen

I woke up from a deep sleep. It had been a while since I woke up feeling on cloud nine.

I sat on the bed with my back leaning on the headrest, wiped my drool, stretched my hands, and yawned.

“Good morning.”

A somewhat husky, hoarse voice startled me awake.

I looked at the handsome fresh cold face of Cain, sitting beside me on the bed. My hands still on the air. My mouth still hanged open.

My body went paralyzed. My mind after being forced awake finally responded.

My face instantly reddened in embarrassment, thinking that Cain just discovered my disorderly look after waking up.

I somehow breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed that his intense gaze was not looking at my face, but elsewhere.

I retraced his gaze and found that his deep frosty eyes were intently staring at my breasts!

Although I was wearing pajamas, I was not wearing anything underneath it. And the thin fabric outlined the full curves of my breasts, making them visible under the faint light of the morning sun. The delicate tips stood erect, as though they were tempting someone.

I swallowed hard and slowly withdrew my hands before I carefully pulled the blanket to cover myself. However, it seemed that my actions just enticed the beast beside me.

I quivered when I sensed Cain’s ragged breathing. His intense gaze held longing and desire as he stared at my shivering eyes.

Before I knew it – his lips were already on mine.

Leanna bit hard on his lower lip until he could taste his own blood. He hissed from the pain.

He knew that Leanna wanted him to stop, but her actions just enticed him even more.

This little vixen!

He gripped the back of her head and returned her bite.

But how could he bear to hurt her?

As his teeth fiercely met her lips, it turned into sucking and nibbling instead while his tongue explored her small mouth, playing with her tongue as he sucked hungrily.

“Mmnn….” She groaned when her tongue had been sucked until it was pricked and the slightly metallic taste of blood ooze out.

He pressed her until all the air she breathed came from him, leaving her with no room to retreat. Her tiny tongue began to battle against his, pushing it out from her mouth.

He let her and slowly withdrew his tongue, a glistening silver thread of saliva hanged between them.

He looked at her tempting flush face and gently kissed her moist eyes.

He never expected that she would admit the attraction between them so quickly. No longer wanting to deny and escape, and he grabbed that opportunity. He forced his will, not wanting for her to have second thoughts nor change her mind.

Recalling the glorious taste of her, the first time he felt that incredible and excruciating feeling of desire and lust for this woman. The temptation to find out what it would be like making love to her almost drove him mad!

He pressed her on the bed.

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