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Chapter 25: Surprise


I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally reached Azure Sky.


Thank you.” I gave the concierge guy a tip for helping me carry all the shopping bags in front of my door.


Anytime, Miss Lee.” The guy smiled before he strode away.


I grabbed my card, swiped it on the card slot, and shoved myself inside.


Welcome home.”




I closed the door and swiped my card again.

Are you hungry? Ive prepared dinner.”


I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. I swept my eyes around, making sure that I was in the right unit.


This is my unit. Which means–– 


Before my brain could process what was happening, Cain, who was just sitting in my dining area, was now hugging me.


I miss you . . .” Without warning, he captured my lips with his.


I was jolted awake when his tongue entered my mouth. I pulled away and gaped at him.


C-Cain? W-what are you doing here?!


He looked at me with fake confusion. What do you mean?


I glared at him. You know what I mean. I wont even ask how you entered my unit, but what are you doing here? Youre supposed to be in New York!


Cain tilted his head, and his lips stretched in a lazy grin that I found both charming and alarming.


Didnt I say that Ill accompany you in New Haven.”


I stared at him with eyes wide. My mouth opened and closed, didnt know what to say.


Cain raised an eyebrow. Did you honestly believe that after I escorted you, Ill just leave you here all alone?


When I didnt answer, he laughed a bit and pulled me in a tight hug. He sniffed my hair and trailed hot kisses down to my neck.


My body was bursting from the unbearable heat as he sucked my skin.


Ill be staying here in New Haven and accompany you from now on.”


I pushed him, and he let me go. I took a step back and stared at him, wide eyes.


What are you talking about? What about your work in New York?


Its only forty minutes in a helicopter,” he said matter of factly. He grabbed all of my shopping bags and carried them inside.


I followed behind him, still flustered in confusion.


Alright, I should have known this would happen.


As soon as he placed all the shopping bags in the living area, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into my bedroom. You should take a bath first before eating dinner.”


I roused from my momentary loss of self when a large Rimowa suitcase caught my sight. I shook my hand from his grasp and pointed my finger at it.


Whats this?


A suitcase.”


I rolled my eyes. I know its a suitcase, but whats it doing here in my room?


He shrugged. Ill be sleeping here with you from now on.”


He reached out and grabbed my hand, but I recoiled, backing away.


Cain . . . ,” I looked at him with a solemn face.


I dont want cohabitation before marriage,” I said, word for word, making him understand each word.


Cain shot me a mischievous smile, and like time was on his side, he closed the distance between us. He grabbed my hands, stroking them with his thumbs as his eyes never left mine.


Leanna . . . , this is not cohabitation. Its called sleepover.”


. . .


. . .


Like hell it is!

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