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Chapter 24: Donation

“Hello everyone, we are a non-profit certified international organization called Animals are Love. Can we take a bit of your time to explain our organization and goals?  And if you’re interested, please donate to our cause.”

Holley’s face instantly lit up. “Oh my, of course! We would love to donate.”

Then they went to a booth guided by the two people wearing costumes. I sighed wryly and followed them.

“Wow! Isn’t this young Miss Goldwood, young Miss Collin, and Mr. Mandeville? I’m Emma Deleon.” One of the members said. From the way she dresses and speaks, she seemed to be above the two people wearing costumes.

Rowan frowned, he didn’t like the fact that people didn’t know him.

I strode towards the booth and grabbed a pamphlet, letting the others gave out pleasantries to the woman named Emma.

I was concentrating reading the pamphlet when I was disturbed by Holley’s voice. I didn’t know that they were already beside me.

“Leanna, aren’t you going to give your donation?”

“All of us donated ten thousand dollars each.” Sophia then put her hands in front of her mouth. “Oh, right. You probably don’t have enough money. Do you want us to pay for you?”

They snickered.

Emma, sensing that something was wrong, quietly stood behind the table.

“Honey, I can pay for you, but it will cost you a night.” Rowan huskily whispered in my ear, then he lustfully roamed his eyes all over my body.

I ignored them and turned to look at Emma. “Sorry, I don’t have enough cash with me nor did I bring with me a cheque.”

“Oh, that’s alri–“

“But I can donate this, right?” I gave her the bag that held the twenty-carat Jadeite ring.

I don’t want it anyway.

“T-t-this! Of course, you can donate it! We can auction or sell this for money!” Emma’s face was full of smiles and seemed to be in euphoria when she unwrapped the box and the ring glittered right beneath her eyes.

“Are you crazy?! That’s a six hundred-thousand-dollar ring!” Finally, Sophia couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out. Forgetting her frail, innocent image.

“Who’s that? That gave me a shock.”

“That’s Collin’s young miss. I didn’t know that she can shout like that.”

Whispers resounded in the bustling spacious sidewalk that pulled Sophia out of her momentary loss of self-control. She immediately followed up, “uhmm… it’s because that ring was gifted to you. You shouldn’t give it out so casually.”

I tilted my head, and with an apologetic face said, “I’m sorry, but I’m sure Mr. Mandeville will understand. After all, he is such a generous young man. He will not be angry at me for donating his gift for such a noble cause, right?”

Nixon’s face was so ugly. His hands were turning white from being pressed into fists like he was holding himself so he won’t strangle me to death.

“Well then everyone, it is nice knowing you. I must return now since it’s getting late.” I turned and quickly walked out without waiting for their responses.



It had been quite a while now after Leanna had left them, but none seemed to know what just happened.

They couldn’t believe what kind of girl Leanna was. It was their first time meeting a girl who was not afraid of them. Who was not scared of destroying her own image. Who could throw away half a million dollars’ worth of jewelry just like that.

They thought that, since she was just a country bumpkin, she would easily be bullied.

Clearly, they underestimated her.

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