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Chapter 23: Shameless

I smiled sweetly. “It’s lovely.”

Sophia and Holley secretly smirked at each other.

I went closer towards them and turned to the sales lady with the name tag ‘Karen’ on her shirt.

“Karen, Can I have this one then?”

Instead of pointing out to that cushioned cut diamond ring, I pointed towards a cushioned cut twenty-carat Jadeite diamond ring beside it.

Nixon’s face instantly turned dark.

Karen’s face was bewildered. She didn’t reach out for that cushion cut twenty-carat Jadeite diamond ring yet. She turned to take a long glanced at Sophia.

Sophia immediately said, “that’s not what I pointed out, I was pointing at that diamond ring beside it.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see quite clearly where you’re pointing at. I thought that with your impeccable taste you’d choose that expensive, rare stone. I never would have thought that you would choose a plain boring diamond that only adults with kids would wear.”

Sophia’s face instantly turned sour. It seemed like she wanted to pull all my hairs out, only that her image of being a frail, innocent lady would be damage. Thus, she contented to tightly clenched her hands to control herself.

I shifted my face between them, looking all apologetic.

“What to do. I like that rare stone, but…” I gave Nixon a hesitant sidelong glanced, “it’s so expensive. It’s not right for Mr. Mandeville to buy something this expensive for a person he just met, even if he already said he would buy me anything that I want.”

Now it was Nixon’s turn to gaped for words. He didn’t expect that Leanna would be this shameless. Even Holley and Sophia have chosen a less expensive set out of politeness.

He could afford it, but it would take a lot of explaining to his parents when they knew that he just bought a twenty-carat Jadeite diamond ring for a random country girl to show off.

But if he refused, his pride and ego would not let him sleep at night. Not to mention he already gave out his word.

I sighed, “it’s alright Mr. Mandeville. Forget about what you just said. After all, no one keeps their promises.”

Nixon’s face crumpled in anger, and with gritted teeth and heavy heart, he turned towards the sales lady.

“Wrap it up.”

I smirked triumphantly.

The sales lady each hand us our shopping bags of jewelry.

Holley promptly turned to me with an apologetic face. “Leanna, I’m sorry, will you mind if you can carry some of my things? I would ask the boys, but…. as you can see, they also have their hands full.” Holley gave me a pleading sorry look.

They smirked.

I stared at their shopping bags, dangling in their fingers, and glanced at my single small shopping bag.

This girl really takes every opportunity to humiliate me.

If I refused her, I would look inconsiderate in front of this many people.

“You don’t mind, right?” Holley batted her long thick lashes with her large puppy eyes, looking all cute.

I sweetly smiled at her.

“Yes.I.Mind” I rebutted, emphasizing each word.

Holley’s smile froze. The room immediately turned quiet and tense.

I turned to look at Nixon’s stunned face.

“But I’m sure Mr. Mandeville will take this great opportunity to be a gentleman in front of a beauty, right?”

Nixon recovered from the mention of his name. He immediately grabbed the shopping bags from Holley’s hands.

“L-Let me carry this for you.” Nixon stammered, not minding that he couldn’t walk straight with all the bags dangling near his legs.

We got out of the store with four people feeling dejected and me feeling bored.

I wanted to go home and drew instead of playing with this bunch of spoiled, immature kids.

I was about to bid them adieu when two people blocked our way, both wearing animal costumes.

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