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Chapter 22: Flaunting

I didn’t know why both girls pretended to be friendly with me when obviously they look at me as an enemy.

We’ve been on different luxury boutiques and stores already, but it seemed these rich kids wouldn’t stop until they’ve bought from every last shop.

Every time they bought something, they would always flaunt the price and quality of it in front of my face.

Do naturally born rich kids shop like this?

We were currently at Bijoux Jewelry store. The two girls excitedly tried on different sets of jewelry while the boys mastered all their flirting skills to showered the two girls with praises.

“Holley, choose whatever you like. I’ll pay them for you. Sophia too, since you are Holley’s friend.” Nixon dotingly said as his eyes stayed glued to Holley’s face.

It gave me the creeps on how this Nixon guy stared at Holley like he was obsessed while the girl didn’t mind the unwanted attention at all.

“Dude, why not treat me as well since I’m also Holley’s friend?” Rowan pretended to be hurt and grabbed Nixon’s hand.

“You’re not a girl.” Nixon just shook his hand away.

“Nixon, why don’t you treat Leanna too?” Holley gave out a sigh as she looked at me pityingly. “Look at her. She hasn’t even bought anything.”

“It’s not my fault that she can’t afford anything.” Nixon sneered, and all of them chuckled.

This guy, have you forgotten that we’ve just met on that expensive boutique? Didn’t you see what I just hauled in there?

“Leanna, are the stores we went all too expensive for you? If you want, we can go to a bargain shop.” Sophia said, trying to hold a smirk.

“I already bought everything that I needed,” I replied simply.

Hmp! Why can’t you just say that you don’t have any money.”

“Nixon, it’s not Leanna’s fault that she’s working on a tight budget. Staying here and enrolling in Artem takes a lot.” Holley gave Nixon an understanding smile.

“Holley, you’re too kind. If it makes you feel better, then I’ll also treat her as well.” Nixon turned to me and frowned. “Well? Go ahead and choose what you want.”

Sophia somewhat jumped for joy. “Isn’t it great that you came Leanna, now you can even have a piece of jewelry from Bijoux.”

I wonder why do they insist that I’m poor? I don’t look poor. Is it because my family is not well known? Or that I came from a third world country in an unknown province?

Whatever. I’ll play their little game then.

I licked my lips and smiled wickedly.

“Be careful Mr. Mandeville, you might want to rethink on buying me things,” I warned him.

Nixon just sneered, “who do you think you’re speaking to?”

“Well then, if you insist.” I walked towards them.

“Leanna, why don’t you choose this. It will look perfect on you.” Holley pointed out to a set of large white pearl necklace and earrings that only a granny would wear.

This girl is really underestimating me. Does she think that I don’t know anything about jewelries?

“Yeah, it looks nice. You have good taste. But then again, it will look more beautiful on you. It suits your character,” I said while smiling innocently.

Holley and Sophia were stunned and couldn’t utter a word. They couldn’t believe that someone would just insult Holley like that even if it was not directly said. Because the underlying meaning was that, Leanna just said that Holley was like a granny.

“I-I….” Holley seemed to be lost for words since she didn’t expect Leanna to retort like that. Girls and boys cowered before her. No one dared to refuse nor talk back at her.

Luckily, Sophia saved her.

“Leanna, those pearls are nice, but I think this one looks more fitting on you.” Sophia pointed out to a cushioned cut diamond ring that only grown-ups would wear.

If I did wear it, I would look like a teenager trying hard to be an adult.

Honestly, haven’t they learned their lesson yet?

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