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Chapter 22: Flaunting


I didnt know why both girls pretended to be friendly with me when obviously they look at me as an enemy.


Weve been on different luxury boutiques already, but these rich kids wouldnt stop until theyve bought from every last shop. And every time that they bought something, they flaunt its price and quality in front of my face.


Do rich kids shop like this?


As soon as we arrived in Bijoux Jewelry store, the two girls tried on different sets of jewelry while the boys mastered all their flirting skills and showered the girls with praises.

Holley, choose whatever you like. My treat. Sophia too, since youre Holleys friend,” Nixon said.


It was almost creepy that his eyes never left Holleys face. The way he looked at her with a passion. It was almost like he was obsessed while Holley didnt mind the unwanted attention at all. It even seemed like she was taking advantage of Nixons feelings for her.


Dude, why not treat me as well since Im also Holleys friend? Rowan chimed in, clasping his chest, face twist in pain as he grabbed Nixons hand.


Youre not a girl,” Nixon replied, pulling his hand away.


Nixon, why dont you treat Leanna too? Holley breathed a cute sigh as she looked at me with pity in her eyes. Look at her. She hasnt even bought anything.”


Its not my fault that she cant afford anything,” Nixon sneered, and all of them chuckled.


This guy, have you forgotten that weve met in that boutique? Didnt you see what I hauled in there?


Leanna, are the stores we went all too expensive for you? If you want, we can go to a bargain shop,” Sophia said. The corner of her lips curved down while her lower lip jutted out.


I already bought everything I need,” I answered.


Nixon snorted. Hmp! Just say that you dont have any money.”


Nixon!” Holley said, eyes wide with fake reproach. Its not Leannas fault that shes working on a tight budget. Staying here and enrolling in Artem takes a lot.”


Holley, youre too kind. If it makes you feel better, then Ill also treat her.” Nixon turned to me and frowned. Well? Go ahead and choose what you want.”


Sophia jumped on her toes. Isnt it great that you came Leanna? Now you can even own a piece of jewelry from Bijoux.”


I didnt know if I should tell them that I owned several collections of Bijoux. But I also didnt want to ruin the enthusiasm on their faces. After all, there was some sense of enjoyment at watching people making a fool out of themselves.


Though I wonder why they insist that Im poor? I dont look poor. Is it because my family isnt well known? Or I came from a third world country in an unknown province?


Whatever. Ill play their little games then.


I licked my lips and smiled. Be careful, Mr. Mandeville. You might want to rethink on buying me things,” I warned.


Nixon scoffed, Who do you think youre speaking to?


Well then, if you insist.” I approached their group.


Leanna, choose this. Itll look perfect on you.” Holley pointed to a set of large white pearl necklace and earrings that only a granny would wear.


Does she think that I dont know anything about jewelry?


Yeah, it looks nice.” I said. You have good taste. But then again, itll look more beautiful on you. It suits your character.”


Holley and Sophias expression fell from their faces. For a time, they couldnt utter a word. I was sure that theyd got the underlying meaning behind my words based on the stunned looks of their faces.


I-I . . .” Holleys mouth didnt know whether to open or close. She probably didnt expect me to retort.


Lucky for her, Sophia saved her.


Leanna, those pearls are nice, but I think this one looks more fitting on you,” Sophia said, pointing to a cushioned cut diamond ring that only grown-ups would wear.


If I did wear it, I would look like a teenager trying hard to be an adult.


Honestly, havent they learned their lesson?

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