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Chapter 21: Queen Bee

“You two knew each other?” Holley shifted her eyes between Nixon and me.

“She owes me. She just embarrassed me in front of so many people a moment ago.” Nixon glared at me.

“Dude! Really?!” Rowan turned to look at me in amazement. “You did that? Don’t you know who he is?!”

Holley licked her lips, a sly smile plastered on her angelic face as she stood between Nixon and me.

“Don’t be like that, Leanna isn’t from here. She is born in a province. I’m sure she doesn’t understand some of our manners. Forgive her for me… please?” Holley clasped her hands in front of her pleading face. Seeing that kind of adorable face, who could resist?

It looks like you’ve done your research. Why don’t you just say that I’m a country bumpkin? No need for too much words.

Nixon’s eyes immediately turned soft and full of adoration at seeing Holley’s pleading face.

Holley gave Sophia a meaningful glanced, and the latter nodded.

“How about this. Leanna, why don’t you come with us, as an apology for Nixon? Nixon, treat it us Leanna being ignorant, just this once. K…?” Sophia sweetly purred.

Nixon glanced at me, then he stared dotingly at Holley. “Alright, for you Holley, I’ll forget the whole thing.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, so I won’t apologize.” I casually rebutted.

Nixon’s eyes turned piercingly at me.

“Leanna, it’s best for you to just agree. Nixon is a very proud and arrogant man. His family is one of this country’s powerful and richest living today. He won’t just simply let you off. This agreement is already considered as your luck at work.” Rowan whispered at me.

I inwardly sighed.

The truth was, I didn’t care at all. However, just thinking that it would be more troublesome if the guy did make it more difficult for me…

Might as well just get this done and over with.

“Alright, I’ll accompany you then.”

Hmmp! Glad to know that you still have your brains with you.” Nixon sneered in contempt.

“Nixon, be nice. Leanna is a friend, alright?” Holley sweetly said. She and Sophia secretly exchanged meaningful glances.

They started to walk, and I followed behind them. The two girls walked beside me, oblivious to the people shooting admiring glances at us.

“So, Leanna, what brings you here to New Haven?” Holley asked while walking.

You’ve apparently done your research. What’s the use of asking me?

“I’ll be a first year at Artem University this Monday.”

“That’s great! Holley and I will also start our first year there. What is your major?” Sophia exclaimed.

“Linguistic,” I answered simply.

Sophia arched an eyebrow. “Linguistic? I guess people in the countryside think differently. Holley and I already studied languages when we were young. We are majoring music at Artem. I’m sure with Holley’s skills in playing the piano accompanied by her breathtaking good looks, she will dominate the entire University in no time.”

My eyeballs really wanted to roll, and I was this close to showing it.

Holley’s face reddened and gave Sophia a bashful look. “You, what are you saying.”

“It’s true! You know, ever since grade school, she’s been the queen bee. I’m sure college isn’t any different.” Sophia smugly chimed.

“Oh, stop it.” Holley turned to look at me. “Leanna, don’t mind her. I only studied piano on a whim at first, but since Cain loves hearing me play the piano, I took it as a major. You know, Cain would always attend my performances.”

Holley’s eyes kept on staring at me, seemingly waiting for my reaction.

My poker face didn’t change the slightest bit as my voice remained calm and even. “It’s a shame that Cain broke off your engagement though. I guess he didn’t love hearing you play the piano that much, huh? But look at it on the bright side, you’ll instantly become popular on the first day of school with the news of your broken engagement and all. You’ll become the Queen bee much early on.”

I smiled sweetly at them and took long strides forward, leaving the two stunned girls behind.

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