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Chapter 20: Coincidence


The Mandeville guy finally looked my way, sizing me as his brows crumpled. His eyes bulged, a flashed of admiration crossed his face before it turned proud and arrogant within seconds.


So? You havent purchased it yet. It doesnt belong to you.” The Mandeville guy then snapped at James. What are you waiting for?


James was about to snatch the suit when I raised my voice, saying, I didnt think Mr. Mandeville would fancy this suit so much that he even wanted to snatch it away from this little lady. But if you like it, then you can have it. After all, I am not so petty as to deny you something you wanted so badly to covet.”

The other customers glanced our way, covering their mouths as they snickered.


The Mandeville guys face burned crimson. H-how dare you! Dont you know who I am? I can have your fam––


I turned and swayed out of the store. I zoomed to my car and carefully placed the clothes in the backseat. I was going to open the drivers door when a soft angelic voice ushered me to a halt.


Leanna Lee.”


I turned to look where that voice came from, and the beautiful face of Holley Goldwood appeared in my sight.


Really?! The country is so big! How in the world did we even cross each others path?!


I stared at the beautiful woman. Long stylish blond hair, big misty eyes, soft pouty red lips, smooth white skin, and an angelic face. Her beauty was one of a kind.


A natural-born rich pampered princess from top to bottom. She was the kind who you couldnt take your eyes off and would love to stare all day, men and women alike.


Alright, shes beautiful than me. So what?


Holley, do you know her? A sexy, pretty blond lady strode to us. Her face also had that charm that made you want to look at her and care for her.


Your friend? said a man with a boyish face. Though he was not as handsome as that Mandeville guy, he still had his own appeal.


The guy with a boyish face approached us, and when he swept me with his gaze, the glint in his eyes turned into one of malice and lust as he plastered a perverted smile.


Before I knew it, I was surrounded.


Yes, a friend. Leanna, are you also shopping? You should join us.” Holley gave out a blinding smile. Before I could refuse, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of the boutique where I went into earlier.


It took a lot of self-control on my part not to slap her hand away from mine. I let her pulled me for the reason I didnt want to make a scene. When we stopped in front of that boutique, she released my hand and introduced me to everyone.


Guys, this is Leanna Lee,” Holley said, voice sweet as honey before she turned to her friends. This is Sophia and Rowan.”


Leanna, what a pretty name, fitting for a pretty lady,” Rowan said with his seductive voice. He reached for my hand, and I took a step back.


Im sorry I already finished my shopping. You guys have fun,” I said, voice flat and tone dismissing accompanied by my poker-face.


I turned to run when Sophia stopped me.


Then how about you accompany us instead?


Holley clasped her hands. Thats right! Leanna, Sophia is from New Haven. She knows where to shop best. Im sure youll enjoy all the bargain prices.”


They all snickered while I remained bored as I watched their play.


What are you guys talking about?


The Mandeville guy walked out from the boutique and stood by Holleys side.


Oh! Nixon, done with your shopping here? Holley shot a brief glance at Nixon before settling her eyes on me. Meet Leanna, Leanna this is Nixon.”


Nixon skimmed his eyes past everyone and rested on me.


You!he yelled, eyes wide and face warped in anger.


I rolled my eyes.



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