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Chapter 2: Club

Doesn’t Zhander know that I’m a minor?

I was getting dizzy from all the noises, the crowds and that sickening smell of sweat and perfumes hanging in the air.

Should I fake a stomachache so I can go home?

Too late, Zhander already pulled my hand and navigated his way towards a table with a million-dollar view. He stopped when he noticed that a lot of people were sitting at that million-dollar view table. His face instantly darkened.

Zhander pointed to a list of young, glamorous men and women sitting at that table, which I assumed, was our table. “Leanna, I want you to meet my friends.”

He didn’t tell me anything about meeting his friends!

“This is Knoll, Ejiofor, Saoirse, Zephyrine, and Quvenzhane. Everyone, this is Leanna Lee.”



Alright, he lost me on the ‘Knoll’ part.

I forced out a smile and let Zhander pulled me to sat beside him.

“Zhander, it’s rare for you to bring a girl, and a young girl at that! Don’t you know that’s illegal?” One of the boys jokingly said.

“Little missy, how old are you? Shouldn’t you be taking your snooze by now?” A sexy blonde lady chortled, and the four of them snickered. They stopped when Zhander gave them a deadly look.

“Everyone be nice, don’t make fun of my friend.” Zhander turned to stare at me with a serious apologetic face. “Sorry, please don’t get offended.”

“None taken,” I smiled at him.

Zhander’s face instantly became soft. “Let me get you something to drink.”

Zhander was about to stand up when I stopped him.

“Zhander, I’m a minor,” I reminded.

They all laughed.

“Sweet cake, don’t sweat it. See those girls there trying hard to look like grown-ups?” Knoll pointed to a group of young girls drinking and laughing. “They’re high school students.” He grinned and winked at me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you a non-alcoholic drink.” Zhander stood up, and before he headed towards the bar counter, he gave Knoll a meaningful glanced which the latter just responded with a nod.

I was about to stop him again when the charming brunet woman barraged me with questions.

“Little girl, when did you and Zhander met? What is your relationship with him? I don’t recognize you. Which family do you belong to? Don’t you know who Zhander Jansen is?”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop scaring the poor girl. What’s with all this bombardment of questions?” Knoll lightly laughed, trying to lighten the mood. Though I heard that concealed panic in his voice.

The sexy blonde lady rolled her eyes. “Oh please! It’s not like you’re not interested to know.” Then she turned towards a striking, alluring woman. “This is Saoirse. She and Zhander have something going on. You can’t even be compared to her, so it’s better for you to scamper home. Don’t get into a delusion that Zhander likes you just because he took you out.”

Knoll was about to say something, however, I cut him off.

“Whether Zhander likes me or not, it still didn’t change the fact that HE personally asked me out.” I smiled sweetly at them.

The atmosphere turned silent and tense.

Saoirse’s face instantly darkened. She was about to say something when Zhander returned to my side and gave me a nonalcoholic drink.

“What’s wrong?” Zhander felt that the atmosphere was oppressive.

“Nothing, we are just saying that Leanna should try out this club’s drinks.” Saoirse instantly smiled sweetly at Zhander.

“Yes, it’s a shame if she misses out all these expensive drinks which she can only drink today and probably can’t afford to drink in her entire lifetime.” The blonde lady winked at her companions, and they all snickered, except for Knoll who was looking all uneasy, trying to loosen his collar, bead of sweat forming on his forehead.

Zhander ignored all of them, continuing to focus his attention on me. “Leanna, if you want to try the drinks here, I’ll buy it all for you. You don’t have to worry about getting drunk. I promise to take you home safely.” He said, his voice almost like a whisper, soft and gentle.

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