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Chapter 19: Shopping

I was shocked to find many people especially University students at one of New Haven’s famous shopping area.

The place was a long stretched of stores, complete with unique boutiques, retailers, eateries, award-winning restaurants, museums, and theatres.

The shopping street was pack, maybe because the day after tomorrow, the school would officially start.

Fortunately, I found a vacant parking slot to park my black Chrysler Jeep. I got out from the car, checked my memo pad and went for my first haul.

It was nearing three in midday when I finished everything on my list. I just grabbed a hotdog sandwich for lunch and went back to my car and shoved everything in the backseat.

I was ready to leave when I saw a boutique selling one of a kind clothes for men. From the simple well-aged and elegant architecture, I knew that what they were selling were expensive.

I licked my lips and walked towards it.

I was greeted by men garbed in three-piece black suits with bow ties, and women dressed in white long sleeve shirt with black pencil cut skirt. All were wearing black gloves.

As expected, there were just four customers at the moment, and both were looking rich.

A pretty lady immediately walked towards me with a name tag ‘Jessie’ on her shirt.

“Welcome, my name is Jessie, and I will be your personal assistant during your stay.” She cheerfully said accompanied by the warmest smile she could master.

Everyone didn’t mind that a young girl, all alone, was strolling inside a luxury shop like they were already accustomed to it.

I guess, as long as you have the money, age isn’t an issue.

I nodded at Jessie and went directly to their goods.

The clothes lived up to their jaw-dropping price as all of them were made from the most expensive quality fabrics and pelts.

I contemplated on what to get for Cain, and finally decided with four monotone pastel colored neckties made of mulberry silk, and a long coat and scarf made of Vicuna wool.

Then I grabbed three more vicuna wool long coats for father and the twins.

Jessie’s smiles were so broad that I was getting worried that her lips would rip apart.

I paid for the clothes using my card and went towards the exit when a black suit caught my attention.

“Could you also wrap this up for me?”


Jessie held the suit and was about to make our way towards the counter when a man’s voice stopped us in our tracks.

“I want that one!”

I turned around and saw an approaching handsome guy with gold hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

A pure breed Western man!

“Well? What are you waiting for? I said I want this one.” He said to a guy with a name tag ‘James’ on it.

James hesitated and seemed troubled. He looked at me with an apologetic face. “Excuse me Miss, can you give this suit to young master Mandeville.”

It was not even a question, more like a final verdict.

James stretched the word ‘Mandeville’ almost as if trying to let me know who the man was – fortunately, I didn’t know nor care.

I frowned, “I set my eyes on this one first.”

Both Jessie and James eyes widened as they stared at me in disbelief like I just murdered someone.

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