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Chapter 18: Over the Top

Cain was about to say something, but Leanna already slammed the door in front of his face, signaling for him to leave.


Someone chuckled from behind him.

“Laugh. You’ll choke if you hold it in.” He said, still staring at that hard cold door, not looking at the man behind him.

“Bwahahahaha! Young master, you should have seen your face!”

“Does it bring you joy, seeing your young master being rejected?” He turned to face Russell, the next head of his personal guards.

Russell instantly stopped laughing and became serious the moment the man saw his frosty eyes.

He turned and walked towards the elevator with Russell quietly marching behind him.

“How are Leanna’s guards?” He asked.

“You have nothing to worry about, young master. I’ve already chosen the best two women from our troops. They’ll secretly guard her 24/7.” Russell smiled with confidence while supporting the back of his head with his hands as he walked behind him.

He stopped and gave Russell a chilling glare.

“Only two?”

Cold sweat ran down from Russell’s back. “I-I’ll add some more.”

“How about the cameras?” He asked when they rode the elevator.

“Already planted in her unit, you can check young mistress anytime you want.”

Russell swallowed hard when the man felt his sharp, menacing ice cold murderous air.

“You better make sure that no one else but me can spy on my wife.”


Ahhh…. young master, please don’t say something so shameful in front of your subordinate.

Russell wiped off his cold sweat and said wryly, “we’ve checked a hundred times, no one else but you can access the cameras.”

Cain brought out his phone and log-in into the spy cameras. Instantly, he saw Leanna heading towards the bathroom. He zoomed in on her face, and instantaneously, the whole elevator car turned warmer and sunny.

Russell could almost see flying hearts and sparkling rays of pink sunshine inside the elevator car. He unconsciously cowered at the far corner of the tiny space, trying to embraced his trembling self, rubbing away all the goosebumps on his body.

Never did Russell once saw his young master like that. His young master only brightened his mood when he was about to kill or destroy someone.

Ughh… Young master, at least in front of me, please hold that cold, indifferent, ruthless image I have of you.

Russell covered his eyes. He didn’t want to see his young master like this. The perfect image of his young master in his mind was slowly crumbling.

Russell finally breathed a sigh of relief when they reached the helipad. He was jolted awake when he heard his young master’s voice.

“Not enough cameras. Put some more on her things, her car, even inside that University, and put tracking devices on her possessions, her car, her pieces of jewelry.” Cain then climbed the helicopter, leaving Russell with mouth hanged open.

Young master really does things over the top!

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