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Chapter 17: Parting


I guess you also own this place, huh?I said, not really interested in the answer.


Mm . . .”


I shook my head as I rolled my eyes before I swiped my card and entered my unit in Azure Sky in New Haven. The smell of fresh, clean air welcomed us, and my lungs expanded to savor it.


Good, they already cleaned the place.


The interior was exactly like my unit in New York. Pastel-colored aquamarine and white. Simple and cozy, just the way I like it.

Make yourself comfortable. Do you want water?I asked.


Again, whats with always offering him water?


Not my fault! I dont have anything at the moment.


Cain remained standing tall as his eyes did their usual job –– follow me around.


No need to worry about me.” He sat, leaned on the sofa, and crossed his legs as his eyes never left me for a second.


I went to my room, tossed my bag on the bed, and grabbed my memo pad and custom-made fountain pen.


I was about to go to the bathroom when my bedroom door opened, and Cain entered like he owned the place (well, he does kinda owns the whole place).


I felt nervous. Its very dangerous for us to be alone in a room with a bed in it.


D-do you need something?I asked, pushing my nervousness at bay with no such luck.


Cain faced me with all seriousness. “I want to see our room.”


“. . .”


. . . Right.


I ignored him and went to the bathroom. I listed the things I needed and went to my walk-in closet to do the same.


After my bedroom, I checked the other rooms and areas that needed additional things. All along, Cain tailed me from behind without uttering a word.


Feeling uncomfortable, I finally gave him my attention.


Arent you going to return to New York?I said, hinting him to leave.


Are you going shopping? he asked instead of answering me.


Yes. Thats what Ill be doing the whole day.”


Ill accompany you.”


I raised an eyebrow. You have a meeting.”


Ill postpone it.”




I grabbed the handle of the door and opened it, motioning for him to leave. Message me when you arrive in New York,” I said with finality.


. . .


. . .


Our eyes battled in dominance, neither one backing down. Eventually, he sighed and shook his head a bit as he approached the exit. He stopped in front of me and flashed a black platinum card in his hand.


I threw him a questioning look. Whats this?


For your use.”


I frowned. Cain, I can pay for my expenses, you dont have to––


Leanna . . . please let me have my pride as the head of the family.”


. . .


. . .


What head of the family?!


Were not even married yet!


We dont even have kids yet!


It was my turn to sigh. Knowing that he wouldnt budge on this, I accepted the card with hesitant hands.


Use it as you see fit,” he said, face full of pride.


My eyes really wanted to roll over the heavens.


Mm . . .”


I stared at him with longing, sadness overflowing in my veins. Just the thought of separating and not seeing him for who knew how long –– my heart shuddered empty.


. . .


. . .


We gazed at each other in stillness, memorizing each others faces. He leaned closer till our breathes mingled, and I closed my eyes when he stopped for my approval.


The kiss was gentle, soft, and slow, savoring each second.


I didnt know how long we kissed until he raised my chin and tilted his head, deepening the kiss. His tongue intertwined with mine, gently biting as he sucked.


His actions turned intense as he grabbed my bottom. He was about to carry and pin me on the wall when I pulled away and shoved him in the exit. Surprisingly, he didnt resist.


Ill call and message you now and then. When we have the time, lets meet. Okay? I said and slammed the door, not waiting for his response. I was afraid any moments longer with him, my resolve would crumble, and I would just forget about the whole University thing and go with him to New York instead.


I sighed and took deep breathes, shaking off the creeping sadness and yearning.

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