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Chapter 16: Difference


Youre angry.”


Zhander stopped playing with his teacup as his eyes swayed to his grandfather. He and his grandfather were having their breakfast in their family mansions garden when the latter noticed that his attention was on another part of the globe.


Zhander sighed. He didnt say anything. How could he? He just got rejected by a girl for the first time.


He sighed again, massive than the last.


Is it about Leanna?Luke asked.


Zhanders eyebrows twitched.

Let me guess. You got turned down.”


Luke sipped his tea in a leisure manner, amused at Zhanders current state while the latter glared at him.


Grandfather, instead of enjoying yourself with my predicament. Why dont you help me think of ways on how to advance and covet her from Cain?


Luke froze from the surprising news before the wrinkles around his eyes softened as he smiled. I always know that shes smart. Its a good thing that she followed my advice.”


What!? Zhander snapped. Youd rather support Cain than your very own grandson?!


Zhander didnt know what to make of the situation. He was angry, frustrated, sad, and other emotions that were new to him. He was never in this kind of situation before. It was always smooth sailing for him. He had a hard time accepting the fact that Cain beat him to Leannas heart right under his nose!


If I know this will happen, I should have forced my way into her heart, instead of taking it slow.


Luke stared at his grandson as calm as the tea in his cup. Leaning, he crossed his fingers, making himself comfortable in his chair.


Do you know why? he asked.


Zhander shot his grandfather a contemptuous look. Is it because shes not good enough for me like all the women I dated in the past?  Youd always complain about how theyre not proper, or their family wasnt good enough, or their face wasnt beautiful enough. Even complain about their hair! he exclaimed.


Luke held his chin, a shrewd smile on his lips. Did I ever say that?




If Leanna is any other girl, I would give you my full support. Ill even force her to marry you.”


Then, why?Zhander asked, browse crumpling so hard it put lines on his forehead.


Luke stared at Zhander. The intensity in his eyes made the latter uncomfortable.


The problem is . . . ,” Luke said. Leanna is not just any other girl. Ive watched and given her advice since she was twelve. You can say that she already became a granddaughter to me.”


Zhander leaned and crossed his arms in surrender. So youre saying that Im the one who is not good enough for her?!


Instead of answering Zhanders question, Luke continued, “Do you know what is the difference between you and Cain Fay?


Zhander threw his grandfather a bored, impatient look. What?


You see. You look at Leanna like you wanted to give her everything you have.”


And thats a bad thing?! Zhander almost jumped from his seat in disbelief.


No, its not . . . , but Cain Fay is different.”


Zhander snorted. How is he different?!


Luke stared solemnly at his grandson.


Cain . . . he looks at Leanna like he wanted to give up everything he has just to be with her.”


Zhander froze.


See the difference? Luke stood from his seat and walked back inside their house. Dont mistake love for your ego.”

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