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Chapter 15: Accompany

I glared at him.

“You don’t have to say it like that. At least allow me to properly reject him.”

My body shivered with fear when his eyes narrowed. His pupils constricted so much that it became just a dot.

Oblivious to my body’s shaking, I continued to glare at him.

Finally, he gave up. He sighed, gave my phone back to me and started the engine without a word.

I immediately contacted Zhander.


“Leanna, is what Cain said the truth?” Zhander softly said in a feeble voice.

No fair in using that voice on me!

I hesitated, feeling conflicted.

The man beside me is someone I have feelings for. On the other side of the phone is the man that I didn’t want to hurt since he’s a really nice guy, and that he is the grandson of the man who became like a family to me.

I took a deep breath.

“Zhander, I’m going out with Cain.”



“Since when?”

Zhander’s voice was calm. However, it didn’t hide the bitterness in them.

“Just yesterday,” I answered honestly.



“Leanna, what Cain can give you, I can also give you, even more. I can even be a better man than him.” Zhander’s voice was soft, and a little pleading, then it became overbearing and arrogant. “I won’t back down. Think about it.”

Then he ended the call.

I blinked.

I was supposed to stop his advances, but it seemed it backfired and edged him forward instead.

I slowly shifted my eyes to the man beside me, meekly as possible, afraid to anger him more.

Cain’s handsome face was still expressionless as he focused his eyes on the road. However, his body emanated a sharp dark sensation that it felt like he was going to murder someone.

We arrived at Central Station without uttering a word.

We were currently in front of the automated fare collection machine, and after that was already the waiting platform for the train going to New Haven.

We stood there like idiots until people started to stare at us.

I wanted to hug him, but was too embarrassed because of the people staring, specifically staring at Cain.

“I-I’ll go now.” I reluctantly said.


With tiny steps and slump shoulders, I walked towards the machine.

I was on the waiting platform and could already see the approaching train. The train stopped and opened its doors in front me. I turned around to wave Cain goodbye, but instead, I was surprised to find him actually standing behind me.

He circled his hand around my waist and guided me to enter the train together with him.

“C-Cain! What are you doing?!” I panicked on my seat when the train started to move, waking me up from my stupor.

“Accompanying you.” He nonchalantly said.

I was alarmed with his no-care attitude and looked at the window.

“Maybe you can get off at the next stop?!”

I was fidgeting when he embraced me, leading me closer to him. He held my head and guided it towards his shoulder, then he gently stroked my hair. His other hand nestled on top of mine on my lap.

He sniffed and softly kissed my hair.

“Do you honestly believe that I’ll just escort you to the station?”

I paused, then nodded.

He chuckled.

“My Leanna… I’ll accompany you to your place in New Haven.”

I tried to break away from him, yet his grip only tightened. Instantly, I stopped struggling.

“Cain, you do know that it will take you two hours from New York to New Haven on a train, right? You have meetings today.”

“I’ve already moved it at one in the afternoon.”



That’s it?

Sensing my dissatisfaction, he explained further.

“Leanna, it will just take forty minutes from New Haven to New York on a helicopter.”

I sighed in surrender and didn’t refuse him anymore.

“Thank you….” I whispered.

“My pleasure….,” he whispered back.

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