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Chapter 14: Escort


I think I was being led by this mans pace. It was only yesterday that I accepted him. Although weve kissed (from a moment of weakness on my part), we didnt define our relationship as of yet. And now, Im already engaged to him without even agreeing!


Though I was not against it since I believe that if it was mutual love, then no need to beat around the bush –– but this man didnt know the word moderation.’


Were going extremely too fast that I can only be swept away by his outrageous actions!


I was jolted awake by my phones vibration, and messages and missed calls from Zhander flooded my notifications.


Thats right! Zhander!

When I got back into my room to pack my things, I didnt have the time to charge my dead phone. Only when I was seated inside Cains car, on our way to Central Station for my eight-morning train to New Haven, that I finally had the chance to charged it to my power bank.


I messaged Zhander, but before I could press send, the name Adonis appeared on my screen.


Feeling a bit guilty for ditching him like that, I pressed the call button and shifted the phone to my right ear (just in case), oblivious to the murderous silence descended between Cain and me.




Leanna! Im so sorry. I didnt know that my friends were going to be there. I really did plan the celebration for just the two of us. Are you alright? Did you get home safely?


Zhanders voice was a bit tired and horse, and my heart reached out to him . . .


. . . Alright, I admit, its mostly for the reason that I was guilty, just forgetting him like that.


Zhander, Im alright. I got home safely.”


Zhander breathed a sigh of relief.


When will you go to New Haven? Ill arrange my jet and escort you.”


I nibbled my lip.


Cain and I also discussed this. He insisted on accompanying me to New Haven riding his plane, but I was determined to experience the train going to New Haven. Seeing that I would not bend for him, he reluctantly agreed only in the condition that he would accompany me.


Thank you for the offer, but Im already on my way to Central Station. I want to experience riding a train going to New Haven.”


. . .


. . .


What time is your train? Ill meet you there and escort you to New Haven.”


I shivered as the cold was becoming more ridiculous by the second.


I was not oblivious of the fact that Zhander is interested in me. Im flattered. But I couldnt lead him on. It was always my philosophy that if I was not interested, no need to drag the whole thing and tell it to the other person straight in the face.


I was about to reject him when Cain stopped the car.


I knew exactly what he was going to do next. So I cramped myself at the farthest end of my seat. Hoping he could not reach me only to find my efforts in vain when he grabbed my shoulder, shoved me onto his chest, and reached for my phone.


I struggled, but he wouldnt budge. His grip only tightened, and I knew it would leave a mark later.


Ahhh . . . damn it. Whats the use?


Exhausted from all the struggling, I finally let him do whatever he wanted.


Leanna is MINE. She belongs to me now,” Cain barked with an arrogant and overbearing tone, and I was mortified with the force equal to the heating of my head.


Y-you! Dont you know how misleading you sounded like?


He then ended the call, shut the phone, and put it on his side –– far away from my reach.

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