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Chapter 13: Punishment

He fiercely bit my lips as if punishing me. I moaned from the mixture of pain and pleasure. My moans seemed to excite him as he forcefully slid his wet slimy tongue inside my mouth, tasting everything in its path. I almost choked when his tongue pushed deeper. After exploring, he savagely bit and sucked my tongue into numbness until I tasted that metallic flavor of blood.

His cold gentleman facade seemed to have melted and was replaced by a ferocious, hungry beast instead.

I tried to gasped for air and let my body glide from the headrest to get away from his savaged kiss, but he just slid together with me, not leaving my mouth for a second.

I felt the mattress sunk and knew that Cain had climbed on the bed, pinning me under him.

I shifted my head to wheezed for air, but Cain’s lips pressed even harder making it impossible to changed directions.

I was suffocating and unconsciously pushed him away. My legs also tried to wiggled their way out. But my effort didn’t budge the big block of ice. Instead, he pinned my two hands above my head and parted my legs with his.

Not good!!

I felt something hard and bulging being pressed against my belly.

I stiffened.

However, no matter how much resistant I gave, the man showed no sign of stopping. Each moans and struggles, the more excited and savaged he became.

I was on the verge of losing consciousness when he finally released my mouth and proceeded to licked and sucked my neck. I sharply gasped for air when he fiercely bit my collarbone.


I was trying to stop him, but my voice came out all wrong, and it sounded pleading instead.

I cried from pleasure and felt myself clenched when his moist tongue entered my ear, slowly licking inside, nibbling and sucking my earlobe along the way.

The sensation and pleasure drove me crazy that I unconsciously lifted my body to meet his bulging hard length.

My brain and morals have long been burned and melted from the heat as my body moved on its own. Wanting more pleasure from this man.

Droplets of sweat formed on my face. My breathing ragged, my shoulders rose and fell as I gasped for air. My eyes moist with unshed tears as saliva continually dripped from my mouth.

Cain licked the dripping saliva and softly kissed my eyes before kissing my forehead.

He gently wiped away the sweat from my face and released my hands to support his weight.

He looked at me with deep affectionate eyes.

“Learned your lesson yet?” He teasingly said.

Lesson? What lesson?

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t find my voice – I’m still gasping for air!

He held my chin and gently stroked his thumb on my swollen lips.

“From now on don’t talk about separating or meeting other men. You belong to me now, and I won’t ever let you go.”

What are you talking about?! Those were all just what ifs!

I was about to retort, but my grumbling stomach bested me.

Cain chuckled and looked at me dotingly.

“I’ve prepared breakfast, let’s go and eat.”

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