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Chapter 12: Relationship

I wanted to say something, but Cain gently held my hand and softly stroked his lips on my fingers while he intently stared at me. His frosty eyes held tenderness and adoration.

“Whoever or whatever you’ll become, I will still love you. Whatever our differences maybe, I will accept and compromise. All things will change, but my love for you will remain forever, for it is only you who made me love so much… much more…. more than my life.”



I paused, waiting for my brain to catch up. I could feel the pounding of my heart as I clamped it tightly, wanting for it to calm down.

Okay, I regretted that I didn’t recorded that.

Cain took the opportunity of my momentary hesitation and tranced.

“Will you marry me?”

This guy sure strikes when the iron is still hot.

“Cain, you do know that I can’t possibly wear this gigantic diamond to school right?” I said helplessly.

Cain just smiled devilishly. He brought out a small box made entirely of pink diamond. He opened it and showed me a simple, unadorned ring also made entirely of a rare vivid pink diamond.

“Marry me.”



I just stared at it, not uttering a single word while I waited for my brain to generate more excuses.

Cain, however, seemed to know what I was thinking as he held my left hand and carefully slid the two rings on my ring finger and gently kissed them afterwards.

He leaned and was about to kiss me when I noticed that his ring finger also had that simple ring made entirely of Aquamarine diamond.

“Wait! I have a condition before I agree.”

I put my hand between our lips which made his brows twitched. “The rings are already on your finger. No use in disagreeing now.”

More like you force them on my finger!

I ignored him and quickly said, “I’ll only agree if we keep our relationship secret… that includes the rings.”

Cain stared at me intently, his face expressionless. Nevertheless, loneliness and rejection were apparent in his eyes.

My heart twinge.

“You do know how famous you are, right? I want to have a peaceful life for both you and me, that is, until I graduated.” I immediately explained.

Think about all the paparazzi and all those women who will harass me! Not to mention my parents when they get hold that I’m already engaged after just a week of staying here!

Cain remained silent. However, his eyes returned to its original luster.

After a moment, he reached for my hair and slowly sniffed and kissed it, closing his eyes like being intoxicated.

“I want you to wear the rings so that the whole world will know that you belong to me.” He whispered.

He opened his eyes to meet mine.

“But I guess I can only compromise.”

Before I could even react, he grabbed my hand away from my mouth and crushed my lips with his.

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