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Chapter 11: Outrageous

I woke up in a foreign bedroom, yet the scent and warmth made me feel comfortable.

I slowly got up. When my feet touched the cold marble floor, I froze.

I frowned, rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times, wanting to know if all I perceived were just illusions.

The whole floor even the bed was sprinkled with red rose petals.

I walked towards the exit of the room to search for Cain. When I opened the door – a blurry red shocked my face.

Instantly, I took a step back.

Cain was standing straight in front of the door, holding a large red rose. However, what got me staring was not the gigantic rose, but that sparkly thingy, prettily standing at the center of it.

A seventy-carat emerald cut Vivid pink diamond laying on a vintage 18k rose gold ring!

“Marry me.”


After I shut the door, I hurriedly went back to bed.

This is just a dream. After I wake up, I’ll be in my cozy bedroom.


Or not.

I slowly turned around to see Cain sitting beside me on the bed, holding the rose in front of me with the gigantic diamond standing at the center of it.

Honestly, I’m amazed that those large soft petals could support that huge diamond.

“Leanna, I want to marry you.”

Cain slowly and softly said as if explaining something to a one-year-old kid.

Rapidly, my blood rushed inside my body, my heart began to pound robustly, and breathing became painful. I clenched my hand on my heart trying to lessened the pain.

I seemed to have a heart attack!

This man will be the end of me! The things he had done were truly outrageous! I soon have to get accustom to it if I don’t want to get killed.

Cain let me took my time to calm myself. After I calmed down, I slowly sat on the bed, my back leaning on the headrest.

I looked at him seriously.

“Cain, you do know that I’m not yet of legal age, right?”

“Yes, you’ll be my fiancée until you turned eighteen.”

See! Truly outrageous!

I held my forehead and gently massaged it.

“I have so many comments that I don’t know where to begin.”

Cain stared at me for a second, seemingly trying to find something in my eyes.

“Let’s hear it,” he gently said.

I took a deep breath.

“We are just starting to get to know each other. It’s not even a week yet when we first met.”

“And?” He raised an eyebrow.

AND what if I’m not the kind of girl you think I ‘am? What if we’re not compatible with each other? What if our feelings change? What if we meet others along the way?”

Cain’s frosty eyes became piercingly cold, his pupils constricted as his face darkened.

My hands began to shook. I wanted to hide, but I was locked between him and the headrest of the bed.

“You are MINE! I will kill whoever tries to covet you from me!” He slowly said with gritted teeth that I could almost hear him grinding them.

Ahhh… From all the things I just said, that’s the only part you remember?

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