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Chapter 10: Endure

Cain stood up and instantly shortened their distance. He was about to pounced her and pin her on the wall, but when he saw fear and panic in her eyes – 

Instantly, he calmed down.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll just take a bath.” He couldn’t help his voice from turning labored, like he was enduring something painful. He was just glad that reason hadn’t left him yet.

Leanna meekly nodded, and he went straight to the bathroom.

I distracted myself in gaping at Cain’s unit. I have my eyes be filled with every grandeur and luxury of his kitchen, bar, dining, living room. Finally, couldn’t stand the curiosity anymore, I tiptoed my way back towards his bedroom.

I heard the gashing of water coming from the bathroom. Rapidly, my whole body flared up. Wild thoughts immediately rushed through my mind. I vigorously shook my head and focused my eyes on his bedroom.

The man’s bedroom was clean and simple. All the things were necessary and in order.

I slowly strode towards his bookshelves and found many books on business, planning, strategies, computers.

I was trying to find a picture of him and searched everywhere until I gave up.

I stared at his king size bed, a naughty thought flashed inside my mind.

I slowly and carefully laid on the bed before I hugged and sniffed his pillows.

As expected, it has his scent.

His natural cool fresh scent like the cold breeze in the Arctic region. He didn’t have that strong smell of cologne or any artificial fragrance much to my glee.

I couldn’t stand any artificial scent since it made me dizzy and nauseous.

I was planning to get up before he saw me fantasizing about him on his bed, but my body appeared to have found its haven. My muscles relaxed while my bones were melting from the warmth and that lovely comfortable feeling of his bed and scent.

No matter how much my brain screamed, my body didn’t respond while my eyes gradually closed.

Cain didn’t know what to make of the situation.

After he took a cold shower and calmed himself, he was greeted by a temptress on his very own bed. His body instantly heated up again.

He was just wearing a robe and a boxer underneath. He always slept naked. But since Leanna was present, he needed to wear a shirt and loose pants.

However, seeing the girl peacefully sleeping on his bed, all thoughts and reasons left him instantly.

Three days! It’s just been three days! Leanna is still young! You can’t—-!

As much as he wanted to restrain himself, he finally couldn’t resist when he heard her moan in her sleep.

This woman could always push me to lose control easily.

He slowly made his way towards her. Like a beast ready to devour its prey.

His frosty eyes turned deep and narrowed, his breathing ragged as he saw her smooth shapely legs hugging his pillows, exposing her thin cotton underwear.

His throat was so dry that breathing became painful!

With somewhat trembling hands, he carefully reached for the blanket and gently tucked her in, exposing only her face.

He controlled his breathing to calm himself.

He carefully tucked her hair behind her ears as he lovingly stared at her for a moment before kissing her forehead.

“Wait till you become my wife, I won’t be merciful then.”

He went towards the bathroom to released his pent-up frustrations – all over again.

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